Whitney’s Christmas Album

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Wednesday night, “ is going to release an album of Christmas music. Prison officials say that this album will time well with the release of Bobby Brown.”

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5 thoughts on “Whitney’s Christmas Album

  1. KT98 says:

    Yawn. Here we have another unoriginal, trite and deplorable joke of these so-called comedians. I’m glad to know that not all the comedians need to make fun of celebrities to entertain the audience.

  2. blonde_babydoll1984 says:

    Truth is often spoken in jest! Wonder if she’s gonna cover White Christmas?

  3. crunked says:

    She should’ve called her new Christmas album “White Dust”! lol

  4. losemycool says:

    Whitney there are haters everywhere you go! But let them keep talking about you, you on their minds…and they are not on yours! You got the loot, the voice and the fame…while those haters have nothing but their remarks!

  5. KT98 says:

    It seems we hadn’t enough with O’Brien’s trite and unoriginal jokes that we have to add two more to the collection. Special thanks to blonde_babydoll1984 (with that user name what can someone expect) and crunked. Next time you decide to make jokes about celebrities and drugs don’t forget to include Paul McCartney, Eminem, 50 Cent, Elvis Presley, Courtney Love, Steven Tyler, Diana Ross and the 90% of the music industry (entertainers, executives and CEO’s). You can include the president of the United States and his several DUI too.

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