Who Flopped?

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This is an essay. I am not forcing you to read it. So if you bash it in the comments, it is your fault for reading. YOU clicked on the link because it seemed interesting. Okay…I’ve been reading some negative articles about ‘flopping’. How do we flop? How does it happen? I’m so sick and tired of this silly nonsense. You people are bashing , , and even Beyonce Knowles. Please, write about how great an artist is to YOU, not everyone else. How does an artist please you? Write an article about that. Not an article about how good one can be compared to another, such as Britney and Christina.

To be considered a flop is to have a record that receives no critical praise or attention, have no airplay, and no credibility. Notice, I didn’t mention sales. Sales are stupid to complain or brag about. It’s how good you are. It’s how much of an artist or a performer you are. Some artists, for instance, Britney Spears have been called ‘flops’. I can’t believe that. All of you say that with every new album that is released, the sales decrease…which is true. However, they have all managed to hit the 2mil mark or over. Christina’s have all reached over 3mil (exclude the non-studio albums). How is that flopping? How?

In the 90’s, it was a flop to reach 1x platinum certification. Why? Well, the 90’s were the best decade for music sales. About every album stayed on the charts nearly twice as much as they do now. There was less music downloading and burning. And the music world was less controversial. These days, there are so many albums that seem to be ‘flopping’. Being certified Gold is an honor in itself. Some albums should be selling twice as much as they do. There is so much more downloading these days, therefore, it seems as if sales are down…in some cases. Some people say Britney’s new album is such a flop. HELLO! It’s only been on the charts for a week…what do you expect? 255, 000 is still a lot of records sold considering that gold certification is an honor. You cannot call it a flop because it has sold less than its precedents. The main reason also being…IT’S ONLY BEEN ONE WEEK. Christina’s STRIPPED album is a flop also…as told by this site. Um…yeah…3.6million…flop…right. Where does that sound wrong?

Anyways, sales aren’t everything these days. It’s all publicity. Many artists never get recognized and they are out there and everyone’s posting articles about the ‘popular’ artists. The ones who have sold. Why? Because it is INTERESTING. It’s like a pastime. It’s of our nature to go for the ‘popular’ subjects than the better or more serious ideas. So never mention the world FLOP again unless you mean it.

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