Who Is Mike Skinner’s ‘Before You Wasn’t Famous’ About?

Mike Skinner has hinted that the drug-fueled romp he had with an unnamed girl singer on latest single ‘Before You Wasn’t Famous’ is star Cheryl Tweedy, who is engaged to soccer star Ashley Cole. Her spokesman responded to Skinner saying “That one’s dedicated to Cheryl Tweedy” after his performance of the track, telling The Sun, “Cheryl has never met Mike Skinner and has no intention of doing so.” Writer Victoria Newton also suggested some believed the mystery woman was former star Rachel Stevens, but she said, “I know for sure it is not her. Rachel has never touched drugs and nothing has ever happened between them, although they have met.” Read more.

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One thought on “Who Is Mike Skinner’s ‘Before You Wasn’t Famous’ About?

  1. SkItTleZzZ_n_DeLiLah says:

    THE STREEETS YEEEEEEEEEAAA that guy is such a frag. though, I’d do him.

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