Who Pioneered The Latin Blonde Pop Star?

Univision is asking which Latin artist pioneered the bleach-blonde look music, with the color adorning Por Monica Prieto, Shakira, Thalia, Christina Aguilera, and Paulina Rubio. As for Shakira’s blonde locks, they report Emilio Estefan, the producer of his previous disc, raised the roof because the Colombian singer had changed the image without consulting him.

Note: The link has since expired.

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3 thoughts on “Who Pioneered The Latin Blonde Pop Star?

  1. elena says:

    The pop star who pioneered the Latin blonde pop star look (and made it famous enough for western people to even ask that question) is Definitely Shakira. Christina is not Latina (she was not raised as one culturally and does not speak Spanish) so she most definitely did not pioneer that look. Christina is famous for her many image changes and crazy outfits mainly because she DIDN’T pioneer ANY look. Britney had already snagged the blonde bubblegum barbie doll pop look and everything else has already been done so Christina started wildly wearing anything and everything to be noticed and stand out from all the Britney copycats. Lucky for her (for a pop star anyway) she can sing so this also set her apart. It is now time for Shakira to pioneer the “Looking like the Arabic lady I am” look again (like in her early career) so that she can represent the young girls who don’t look like Britney- just one video please Shakira! (as per YouTube – just type: and watch the picture slide show of Arabic Shakira!)

  2. elena says:

    Please type “tus gafas oscuras” into YouTube (it was removed from the above comment)

  3. Kim says:

    @elena – Um, Shakira is not Arabic smarty pants, she is Colombian.

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