Who Said J.Lo Was ‘J.Low’ When It Came To Tipping?

Contributed Anonymously:

After having worked more than 10 years in the high end hotel industry I thought I had seen pretty much everything but this one is one I’ll remember for a while.

Back in early January and her mom came to see us at the Hotel Peninsula where I work and they were staying in one of our high end suites at the top of the hotel. For high profile guests like that we always try to suit their needs the best we can. This time she had a requested that we recorded one her favorite show, namely ‘Queer Eye For The Straight Guy’ if she wasn’t in her room.

We got a call from her room telling us that she couldn’t figure out how to get the VCR to play the tape so they asked me to go and make sure it was working and if so, show her how to get it to play.

We also received a FedEx package that day as well so I went with it to her room. I knocked, she opened, really stunning girl by the way, and I brought in the package. She opened it and pulled a large really nice wooden box that she put on the coffee table.

I asked her if it wasn’t a bit dangerous to FedEx her jewelry box like that and she looked at me and went “My jewelry box ? Are you crazy ?!” and started laughing and went “no no, it’s not my jewelry box thank God, it’s my travel humidor” and she opened it to show me, where I could see what was in it, about a dozen large cigars, rather pricey I’m sure.

She took one out, asked me if I wanted one, which I declined, and while she was lighting it I went to the VCR and tried to see what was going on with the tape. At this time, her mom came out of the bathroom smiled at me, went to the window and crack opened it. Jennifer turned around and went something like “Mom ! It’s January, it’s freezing out !” to which her mom replied “well I’m sorry but I want to get some fresh air in the room” pointing to Jennifer’s cigar.

She turned back to me mumbling “whatever” and while puffing on her cigar she asked me what was wrong with the tape. I showed her that actually nothing was wrong with it, it was just a bit tricky and she had to switch to VCR on the remote to get it to play, otherwise she’d only get the TV channels. She smiled and went “Oh sweet, that’s great!”

As I was making my way out she asked me to wait a sec, went to her room and came back, gave me a tip, I thanked her and wished her a good evening. Outside, I looked at what she gave me, it was $100 !

And all that took me like 5 minutes, that must have been the easiest $100 I made in a long time! Who said J.Lo was J.Low when it came to tipping ? Not me, that’s for sure !


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