Who Sees The Irony?

Contributed by Jenny:

I was just wondering if you guys see the irony in the pop world that I see. As of now I can only think of two different examples that show my point, but I think you’ll agree with me that they are valid. Fans of these groups, I’m not trying to step on any toes but I’m just being objective.

Case #1: Vs. *NSYNC
When the whole boy-band thing came out again in the mid-late 90’s, I think it is safe to say that for a while, the Backstreet Boys were number one. *NSYNC came out shortly after, and still Backstreet remained on top. Then, slowly, *NSYNC started rising to the top, and they just kept rising, while Backstreet continued to fall.

Case #2: Britney Spears Vs.
Britney Spears’ first single, ‘Baby One More Time’ was a massive hit everywhere, and that can not be denied. Britney was extremely popular, outstanding record sales, and all. made her debut with ‘Genie in a Bottle’ a little while later, and people noticed her of course, but she was just “the next Britney Spears”. And now, a few years later, it’s basically obvious that Christina’s career is continuing to flourish, while Britney reached her peak a while ago, and is becoming a lot less popular.

I just think it’s ironic how the follow-up acts end up taking over.

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10 thoughts on “Who Sees The Irony?

  1. rachel says:

    Yeah the difference is Backstreet boys don’t sux as much as that biatch Britney. Britney is undeserving to being compared with Christina. Plain and simple!

  2. Hotstar says:

    First off Jenny you need to check your facts: I don’t know anything about BSB or Nsync because I never liked them but to Christina and Britney……well what do you mean one is flourishing and the other has peaked. 1. Christina has only had 2 major releases, while Britney has had 3 (not counting ITZ, which has only been out for a month) and both of Britney’s albums last 2 release equal and in the case of Ooops outsold Stripped. 2. Both Christina and Britney have seen drop in sales, pop is not selling like it used to and net piracy has cut into sales. Stripped has sold far less than her first CD ;;;Christina Aguilera. So I guess Christina has reached her peak too. Get your facts if you want to post an essay.

  3. xtina_rulz says:

    I completely agree I think its amazing how far Christina has come with the stripped CD and I think it’ll end up wi about 10 million sold world wide whereas I think In the zone will end up wi about 6 or 7 million world wide because after her obsessed deranged fans run out in the first few weeks and buy it making it a success in the first few weeks who else will buy it. Who will be won over by Britney’s talent like Chris won lots of people over wi hers cos at first lets face it she was a second rate Britney but she ain’t anymore and Britney fans should stop living in the past and prepare themselves cos Britney won’t always be ahead of Christina true talent is gonna show through it. It has already started to. And don’t through how much Britney’s sold in the past in my face cos its in the past. And don’t through how much ITZ has sold in the first few weeks in my face either just wait to see if its still in the charts this time next year like stripped was

  4. AdiaSweet says:

    Sorry but You’re Wrong’, ‘The only irony is how wrong this post is. Spears is still ahead of Christina in popularity, looks, album sales, and everything else. Every one of her albums have smoked Xtinas in terms of sales and she’s got a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame (which they don’t award to has-beens – I believe she got in last month) and she’s jsut been voted the number one celeb in America and last year she was Forbe’s number one most influential artist. So – I don’t really care about this so called “rivalry” but Aguilera is not as famous as Britney. Britney started this pop craze – she brought it back and was the first to do the kind of thing she does. Aguilera may have a great voice (I can’t stand all those ohhs and ahhs but her voice is great when she uses it) but she’s always viewed as the second Britney just because first impressions last a lifetime. Secondly, I read that everyone was talking about “AtLast” being a great cover that Christina did, but I listened to it and man she’s doing too many notes in there – just sing the dang song and stop ad libbing so much and it could be more elegant. Now she’s just showing off and it’s obnoxious.

  5. grprincess says:

    Let me tell you how popular Brit is. I saw the Opray special on how she went to Africa to visit poor children. Opray said that a little girl when she heard Opray was American asked her “Do you know Britney Spears?” Even in a poor rural town in Africa people know who Brit is. THey have probably never heard of Xtina.

  6. rachel says:

    I guess some hos don’t comprehend the meaning of “underserving”. I forgive ya, all’, ‘that spears crap music has killed your brain cells or maybe you didn’t have them to begin with that is why you became a fan.

  7. elperro2 says:

    I agree N’sync is the bigger better and more talented than BSB. The BSB were biggest in the beginning because they came to America first but N’sync creamed them. You don’t have to be a fan to see that N’sync won the war. I had no idea that there was even a war between Britney Spear and Christina Aguilera fans until I came to this website

  8. Smile says:

    I don’t agree with everything you’re saying. The BsB haven’t ended at all. The BsB sold 5 million the first week world-wide with their last album and are recording a new one next month. I don’t know the specifics on Nsync off the top of my head, but they didn’t sell that many the first week. If you look at record sales, Britney’s new album is doing well. But Christina has been a lot more in the public eye because she is/was touring and did most of her promotion for the album already. It’s too soon to tell though with those two because Britney’s album just recently came out. Time will tell. I don’t think any of these four artists have exactly “fallen”. Not unless they decide not to release any more albums. It just basically depends on who’s personality and music you like better. That’s where the difference that really matters starts.

  9. FuturePast says:

    Christina is a phoney azz biatch, who has not one original bone or thought in her head. She should just record showtunes along side of clay Aiken and all those unoriginal artists that have technically good voices, but, no real imagination or charisma. She will be doing Aida next when her record career flops and no one buys into overused, stolen “female empowerment” and she can’t do any interesting music. Her voice is just a lot of vocal masturbation and carries no real message. So, obvious that she shows off and that is it.

  10. B0rntoplay says:

    Yeah, Britney is STILL outselling Xtina. Look at Xtina’s number the first 4 weeks and look at Britney. Exactly. So even if Britney has lost popularity, like the essay says, she is STILL more popular than Xtina. And don’t claim that numbers don’t matter, because this whole essay is based around the importance of essays.

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