Who Should Varsity Fanclub Tour With?

Jayk Purdy of updated fans on the boy band’s blog at MySpace (@varsityfanclub) on Monday (March 2). Purdy writes:

So I just got back from the gym and it’s yet another rainy day in Los Angeles.. Don’t get me wrong I love the rain but I swear it’s been monsoon season in L.A. for the past month haha.. Well, anyways I was driving back to the house and started thinking who would be a cool artist or band to go on a tour with.. I had a few ideas but I really wanna know who you all would like to see us with on tour.. So ya let us know, we always love your opinions! Later

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One thought on “Who Should Varsity Fanclub Tour With?

  1. Jacq says:

    wow they sould tour with Mitchel Musso

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