Whole Family Hurting Over Carter Family Breakup

Nick Carter’s interview with the National Enquirer has bee posted by a fan at LiveDaily.com, where he commented on the breakup of his parents Bob and Jane Carter. “My mother and father are going through some trouble right now and it’s hurting the family,” said a deeply saddened Nick. “I mean, it tearing up my little brother. Aaron’s going through a real bad time.” Jane’s now pushing to have the Marathon homes put up for sale, said the close family source. And she’s keeping Aaron isolated from Nick and their sisters: Angel, Leslie, and Bobbie Jean. “I can’t even get Aaron on the phone. My mom won’t let me talk to him,” said Angel.

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9 thoughts on “Whole Family Hurting Over Carter Family Breakup

  1. Stallion says:

    I feel bad for people that have to go through these kind of crazy thing.

  2. elgato says:

    Notice how all the Carter kids are saying Bob didn’t touch Jane. Bob is innocent and they know it. that’s probably why Jane is keeping them from Aaron. because she wants to control at least one of them. Jane, get a f**kin clue.

  3. elgato says:

    and Angel said that she wants her parents to get divorced. looks like no one can stand Jane these days.

  4. brownsuga says:

    Whats happened? I’ve been away, I hope Nicks ok though

  5. popnicklover says:

    Poor Nick, Aaron, and all the rest of the Carters! I can’t believe Jane would do something like that! Not to be rude to Nick’s family or anything, but maybe she is a b*tch after all.

  6. elgato says:

    I never liked Jane. it sucks that she had to make this up, get Bob arrested, and keep the family from seeing Aaron. what a b!tch

  7. NixChik says:

    I have no doubt that all this boils down to Jane’s obsession for the almighty $$$$. She’s once again tearing the family apart just like she did several years ago. The woman is whack.

  8. babet says:

    wasn’t nick’s mom voted the most likable amongst the other other celebrities’ moms?????? well isn’t this ironic. BSB fans are so quick to love her when she represents the carters in a good way….yet they’re so quick to hate her if she makes the carters look bad. HYPOCRITES

  9. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Ok…gotta get my two cents…. 1. The Backstreet fans aren’t hypocrites….there are fans out there who are still behind Jane…the ones who always have been. Those hating on her are the long time haters of her. Then there’s those like me….I have mixed feelings about her, and I always have. We aren’t hypocrites. I don’t think this changes the fan base image of Jane…MOST people still feel the same they always have. 2. DID Nick actually go to National Enquirer? I HIGHLY doubt it….IF he did, I would damn well bet he also went to some more respectable, more BELIEVABLE magazines…ex. People!! 3. I really hope that it all works out for them. Those kids don’t deserve what’s going on. I know they have to be hurting right now!! My heart goes out to all of them….ALL of them…even Jane, cause lord knows, she’s got to be hurting some too.

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