Brandi Carlile Discusses Hanseroth Twins, T-Bone Burnett

Brandi Carlile talks about teaming with Tim and Phil Hanseroth after being a fan of their band The Fighting MachinistsYahoo! Music’s ‘Who’s Next?’ features Brandi Carlile, where the Seattle based singer songwriter talked about how she teamed up with twin brothers Tim and Phil Hanseroth after being a fan of their band, and working with T-Bone Burnett on her second album ‘The Story’.

“The twins, we’ve been playing together for about five years now, and we’ve known each other for about 8 years,” Brandi said of the Hanseroth twins. “They knew me when I was 17. They used to be in a band called The Fighting Machinists around Seattle that I was a fan of. I’d kind of sneak into their shows. One time they let me push and amp and pretend I was a roadie. I was a big fan of their band, their band split up, and I had been playing by myself for so long that I just called and asked if they wanted to get together, write some songs and play some shows. They did.”

Brandi Carlile wearing a red shirt and talking about working with T-Bone Burnett on 'The Story'On working with T-Bone Burnett on the album, Brandi said, “In the studio, he brought a lot to our band. Specifically, we had these songs written before we even really signed to Columbia, and we’d always been planning on making this record, but we didn’t have the means and we didn’t want to waste our songs on a couple hundred dollar recording in my living room with Protools. We saved these songs and we practiced them and played them all on the road for years. We developed this workman type attitude towards playing our tunes. We thought the only thing we needed was to have our songs rehearsed really well so we could knock it out in the studio, and T-Bone understood they needed to have a freshness that they had lost somewhere on the road. He added that just with his presence and his vibe. We brought in Matt Chamberlain to play drums, which was like playing the songs for the first time, and he also brought this incredible collection of vintage instruments up to the studio.”

Video of a ‘The Story’ performance and an interview at has since been removed.

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