Who’s Next: Colbie Caillat

Colbie Caillat singingYahoo! Music’s ‘Who’s Next’ features an exclusive interview with Colbie Caillat, where the Thousand Oaks, California singer/songwriter talked about singing beginning when she was 11, her prior ambition to be an R&B singer until she learned to play guitar, being compared to Norah Jones and Jack Johnson, not expecting ‘Bubbly’ to be the first single, being overwhelmed about her overnight success, what her plans going forward are, and advice she has for other aspiring artists hoping to follow in her footsteps. Caillat then performed ‘Bubbly’.

“I started singing when I was 11,” Colbie said about her beginnings. “My father has been in the music industry so I learned a lot about it from him and growing up with him in the studio and teaching me about the consoles and he was there recording with my album, and he was the one that told me to learn how to play an instrument so I could write my own songs instead of just being a singer. So music for me has started since I was younger.”

“I used to want to be an R&B singer,” Colbie revealed. “I wanted to write Lauryn Hill, that kind of style, and Jodeci. I loved the whole soulful, their voices and just how they sang. So that was the direction I wanted to go but when I learned how to play guitar, it kind of turned more folk, singer songwriter and with a mix of R&B.”

On the success of ‘Bubbly’, Colbie said, “I didn’t expect ‘Bubbly’ to be the first single. I thought it was going to be ‘One Fine Wire’ or ‘Feelings Show’. ‘Bubbly’ I guess it’s a simple song. It’s about having a crush and everyone can relate to that, so I guess that’s what did it.”

Watch the performance via YouTube below. The interview has since been removed.

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