Who’s Next: Kate Nash

Kate Nash faceYahoo! Music’s ‘Who’s Next’ features in an interview and performance of ‘Foundations’. Kate talked about how she got her start going the DIY route, the success of ‘Foundations’, comparisons to Lily Allen and being appreciative that Lily was nice to her, writing songs people relate to, and her vintage style.

“I was writing songs the whole time and just not really thinking about it, just writing them for fun,” Kate said about her start. “I was in a gap year because I didn’t get into college and the second year around I got rejected again, and then I got into doing everything DIY. I just booked my own gigs.”

“It used to frustrate me I think when I didn’t have my album, but now I have my album it’s like I don’t think about it,” Kate said in regards to being compared to Lily Allen. “She was really amazingly supportive to me… There’s no beef between us. She was really nice and I really appreciate that.”

“I write about stuff that happens to everyone,” she said about her songwriting style. “I write about parties when you’re 15. I write about crushes, feeling weird about yourself and being frustrated and being angry. Things that happen to normal people. I think that’s why people relate to it.”

On her fashion sense, Kate said, “I always used to like kind of ’50s icon and old fashion films, like black and white films and I used to think everyone looks really nice in kind of kitch stuff. I just like wearing vintage stuff really and dresses. I just shop in secondhand, vintage and charity shops and I get to wear what I like, which is nice.”

Video of the interview and performance at Yahoo.com has since been removed.

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