Why Are Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson Faking It?

Star magazine reports that when and were photographed at London’s Heathrow Airport looking very love-dovey, it was for the cameras. Sources tell the tab that the publicity stunt took place after months of Nick, 31, and Jessica, 25, living apart. Why the charade? “Nick and Jessica are much more viable as a couple than they are as two individuals,” a friend of the couple explained. “Their appeal is as a cutesy, cuddly duo. If they split, they will lose the fan base of those who fell in love with them as a happy, and oh-so-in-love newlywed couple.”

Joe Simpson Plans For Destruction?

October 14, 2005 – Contributed Anonymously:

Joe Simpson seems to have lost his perspective. All he sees is dollar signs. He wants his daughters Ashlee and Jessica Simpson to have fame and fortune and he doesn’t care about anything else. He even brought cameras to his daughters’ birthdays to make money. It’s like is for him, instead of daughters, they are money making machines and everything in their personal life is sold to make a profit. It’s very sad that for him what matters in life is power. The love for power is going to destroy this world. If he doesn’t slow down he is going to destroy his daughters’ lives.

Jessica Simpson Trying Hard To Get Cast On ‘Dallas’

October 11, 2005 – Sources tell Star magazine that Jessica Simpson has been lobbying hard to be cast in a big-screen adaptation of the hit primetime soap ‘Dallas’, hoping she’d be cast as the on-screen wife of Brad Pitt. “Jessica’s had a secret crush on Brad for ages,” a source revealed. “She literally saw Legends of the Fall more than 12 times. She thinks that Brad is the hottest man alive.”

Jessica Simpson Says LaChappelle’s Words Were ‘Very Hurtful’

October 10, 2005 – In a wide ranging interview with OK! magazine, Jessica Simpson spoke out on reports that she and sister Ashlee walked off a Rolling Stone cover shoot with photographer David LaChapelle. “We were never on the set, so to say Ashlee and I walked off the set is a lie,” Simpson said. “We didn’t see eye to eye on the concept. David LaChapelle is an amazing photographer and it would have been a great opportunity, but no opportunity is worth sacrificing who I am as a person, and even if it is the Rolling Stone cover, oh well. Sticking to what I believe has gotten me to the level of success that I am at. That was a very unfortunate situation and he said some very hurtful things.”

Nick And Jessica Together At Heathrow

October 9, 2005 – Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were photographed together at London’s Heathrow airport Friday (October 7) on their way to a vacation getaway. The couple no doubt were eager to see paparazzi to silence reports that a divorce announcement was imminent.

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3 thoughts on “Why Are Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson Faking It?

  1. PandaBear2003 says:

    That’s the $100,000 question. Its not exactly like she’s RELEASING anything the remainder of the year to get money. But isn’t that reason TO announce it finally? Make her poor, stupid fans feel sorry for her so they shell out more of their money on her pathetic career?

  2. malibu says:

    this is so stupid……..you know your jaded when your marriage turns into a publicity stunt……its stupid celebrities like this that bring their personal life out in the open and then complain about it later. a credible star doesn’t need to show their fans their marriage, home, personal life, family, etc, the focus should just be on music and movies, and anyone, in my opinion, who ventures away from that is just trying to distract from the fact that they have little talent. if you think about it people that are really successful, even people that aren’t as big, but are really talented (ie. Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Alicia Keys, etc) don’t rely on publicity stunts for attention.

  3. PuppyCake says:

    You guys are a-holes! Nick & Jessica have NOT broken up. This coming from someone who KNOWS the Simpson Family. Get a hobby, you wannabe jerks!

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