Why Argue?

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If you don’t care for an essay, then I would suggest not to read on. This also includes ideas pertaining to and Christina Aguilera.

Do you know what the majority of the comments consist of on this site? Hate comments. It gets agitating when someone has something intelligent to say and a lot of the replies are rude and unwanted. Some people resort to name calling to ‘protect’ their idol which I think is very immature. Like some people say Britney is slutty and others say Christina is trash. Have you met them and sat down to talk with them for a few hours to understand why they do the things they do or understand who they are as a person? Unlikely. They are both expanding as grown women and there is no problem in that. I don’t think it’s fair to make judgments on somebody unless you really know them to pass one. The majority of us here are over 13 and therefore it would make sense to act our ages and learn to take criticism or a comment that contradicts your opinion respectively. I honestly feel bad for Britney and Christina reason being that some of their ‘fans’ make them look so ridiculous. It would be nice if a few people learned to commend an artist (not just Britney or Christina) on the good things they do instead of hating them for things they don’t personally agree with.

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