Why Avril Lavigne Is A Loser

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I am a fan of Avril Lavigne, I think her music is great, but what turns me off about her is how she just comes off as being a hypocritical loser!

First of all, she acts as if she’s anti-Hollywood. Well, if that’s so, then why is she living in it?

And what irritates me a little is how since the beginning, she came off as some rocker chic, and saying how her music is PUNK/ROCK. Um, no, Avril’s music is POP with a rock flavor to it. Nothing about it is punk. And the same with her fashion. Since the beginning she acted as if wearing a tie and tank tops and baggy pants made her a punk/rock rebel, when in reality, it doesn’t. My friends and I were wearing clothes like that even before Avril came out proclaiming that her fashion is what makes her a punk/rock artist instead of a pop artist. Well, most people that are into punk/rock kind of music know that looking the part doesn’t make you a punk/rock artist.

And of course most of all, I hate how she totally acts so opinionated about other artists and how they do their thing. It just doesn’t make any sense. Before she pretty much disses Christina Aguilera and and the way they dress revealing in almost every interview, and openly saying how she would never resort to that, then she comes out in a men’s magazine revealing cleavage. So it’s bad when Christina and Britney dress revealing, but when she does it it’s okay? She is such a hypocrite. It just doesn’t make any sense that you always make a negative opinion about what other people do, then you come off as doing the opposite of what you are against. That’s like seeing a vegetarian celebrity always pushing their opinions about how bad it is to kill animals for food and clothing, then coming out posing in some fashion magazine wearing a fur coat and leather shoes. I would respect Avril for just admitting that she can’t help but follow Hollywood’s sexy fashion trend’s and style even though she don’t like or respect it completely than seeing her act like a hypocrite.

As a fan I will still like her music, but until Avril grows up and realizes that she just needs to accept reality instead of acting the whole world revolves around her I will think she’s a loser.

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11 thoughts on “Why Avril Lavigne Is A Loser

  1. Amina says:

    Avril say on the YouTube that she is not punk!!!!

  2. ?ME? says:

    i think she’s awesome…and you don’t know her, so why diss her like that?? There’s no reason to. Same as in school. If you don’t know someone, don’t talk about them behind their back. That’s all I have to say…

  3. jim says:

    I would love someone to send me 100 percent concrete evidence that she said it. Shes never said she was punk, she did say in one interview that she had been a punk (referring to being behaving) but not the label. Someone get some proof Jesus! not some video that says she likes punk rock music

  4. Cody says:

    It’s funny how admit fans get over the people they idol. This is hardly behind her back, it’s posted on the internet for anyone to see, including little miss star if she should choose to come to this site, I doubt if he sent any letters to her on the subject it would ever be read by her, so this is as in her face as he is likely to get. Of course he doesn’t “know” her, he made comments based on public knowledge, not on her personality, or how she is around her friends. Exactly how well do you think Avril knows Britney or Christina? Just because they’re both famous doesn’t make them friends, I’m assuming that the author of this article was using the same type of information on Avril as Avril was using on Britney and Christina. What she did was hypocritical, that is not an opinion, it’s a fact, look the word up. As far as the punk genre thing goes, she’s not punk, and perhaps she doesn’t claim to be, not really a big fan so I don’t know about that.

  5. Jess says:

    Why do people have to bag celebs all the time? Avril is one of the only singers of her type who isn’t a drug addict, on the news every night for doing it with random guys, and here we’re arguing about whether she said she was punk or not half a decade ago!
    Leave her alone, forget about it! It’s over, she says she isn’t a punk singer, end of story.
    Avril rules, keep you’re bad opinions to yourself! If you’re a fan, why do people say sh*t about her?

  6. kite vergian says:

    Don’t talk if she is loser!!
    that’s none of your business!!
    she is a winner, & she is a wonderful girl, and of course she is not a punk!!
    she is a winner because she is very hard worker so she can be very famous, and she get it by her own hand!!
    so don’t blame her about mere, useless and selfish comment!!
    i love her very much!!
    so I know how she work really better!!
    and her song’s are really great.

  7. AVRIL FAN says:


  8. Me says:

    You claim that Avril says she is punk, but I can only find evidence that indicates otherwise, I find plenty of videos where Avril specifically says that she is not punk!
    So are you ignorant with your allegations or do you just make up stuff that is clearly not based on facts.
    Perhaps you can do real research and provide real proof of your claims, otherwise you come across as complete imbecilic loser yourself.

  9. sara says:

    i used to like Avril but now I don’t I still can’t believe that she dissed her fans and her clothing line and perfume is lame and she can’t make up her mind about putting out her new album and she cuts down on Britney Spears she is way better then Avril I can’t believe I liked Avril she is a fu**ing bitch and loser.

  10. Neutral says:

    I love Avril! Specially when her 1st album came out, it really has a lot in depth to it, specially how she writes most of her music! It says a lot about her. I’ve even been to a few of her concerts! When I saw her video “Girlfriend” I thought it wasn’t really pretty cool, specially when she kept criticizing singers or actors acting as such. I don’t mind other singers going through the ‘innocent’ look then to the dirty, attention-grabbing media style. They are ENTERTAINERS, it’s what they do. They are not suppose to be MORAL role models, besides needing to stay on top, they need to know they still can grab people’s money to keep on going, because THAT’S HOW THIS BUSINESS WORKS. Look at Lady Gaga bringing ‘shock’ factor like Madonna, it’s eye-catching and all, all of them are just trying to get attention by the media. Though personally, changing her style from before until now is what ‘other female artist’ goes through as part of ‘growing up’, they just don’t stay in one style forever, they change and want to explore so people’s comments saying “bring the old —- back!” is pretty silly. Though to be honest, this is why people should learn to shush and keep opinions to themselves because it’s going to bite them in the — the next time, like in this video: youtube.com/watch?v=Wdfs0-IAVgM that is why people should keep quiet and not be so judgmental because you never know when you are also going to be like that, you just don’t know it yet. Thus, the blog is right about her being a HYPOCRITE, sorry it’s recorded people. There’s too many media evidence!

  11. Corey Groves says:

    I just wanted to say that Avril Lavigne’s music can never be considered as Punk/Rock or Rock no matter what any of her fans out there says or thinks because her music doesn’t sound like Punk/Rock or Rock at all. She never claimed that she was a “Punk/Rocker” who sings and writes Punk/Rock music, but she did claimed that she was a, “Rock chick” and a, “Skater chick” who sings and writes Rock music. She is not a, “Rock chick” or a, “Skater chick” who sings and writes Rock music, she is a Pop music artist who sings and writes Pop music. She is also a hypocrite who has criticized other Pop music artists in the music industry for no reason, like Ashlee Simpson. Ashlee would compliment Avril in one of her interviews by saying that it is a compliment to be compared to her because she thinks that she is so talented. Avril would say something mean about Ashlee by saying that she doesn’t deserve to be singing up there on stage because she was the one who was caught lip-syncing on Saturday Night Live back in 2004 and that the only reason why she is famous is because she has got connections, like her sister, Jessica. I’m sure that Avril has worked so hard on getting where she is at today, but she doesn’t have to criticize any other music artists in the music industry because that is so immature of her to do that. I don’t like her and I don’t like listening to her music at all. End of story.

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