Why Britney Spears Is A Joke

Contributed Anonymously:

Nowadays, I find it sad that nowadays is becoming more of a joke. But if you were a real fan or observer of Britney’s antics, you would admit that Britney has a lot to blame. Yeah it’s bad enough that the paparazzi follows her around everywhere, but how is she helping her situation by wearing crazy and disturbing t-shirts, flipping the paparazzi, walking barefooted in public restrooms, and grabbing and sucking Kevin’s erm, stick sausage on a balcony for the whole world to see. With that type of behavior, is there really a need to give her sympathy? Now, I give Britney props for being brave enough to show the paparazzi whose boss, but still, I think she just tries too hard to shock and amaze.

We don’t necessarily need to see her naked in another music video…that has been done a thousand times already, and by now, we already know that she’s not a little girl anymore, so she doesn’t need to push it so much with being revealing. We know that she’s sick of paparazzi; she doesn’t necessarily need to put more attention on herself by acting ridiculous. And we know she’s growing up, we don’t necessarily need to have childish letters telling us the same things that are in the tabloids.

And as for allegations, rumors, etc. about some things about her, we don’t always need an excuse from her mom, she should either learn to speak for herself, or just let it be. If you ask me, sometimes the more excuses that are made, the more ridiculous she looks.

So when Britney releases her new album, I hope that she will be more recognized and talked about for her music. I think Britney’s music doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. And again, part of that blame is Britney, because she seems to focus more on her image and trying to shock than letting her music get the spotlight. I find it sad because I notice that Britney’s album sales decline each year. Sad but true. Like it or not, despite the fact that Britney still sells pretty well, that at the end, what person on Entertainment Tonight, VH1, or MTV dedicates a whole show based on how well she sells or how great her music is? They have a whole freakin show based on her publicity stunts for god’s sake, and that’s not something to be proud of or to brag about.

I know Britney means well, she’s actually very cute, funny, and smart, and talented, but she seriously needs to take a look at her career and see where it’s heading. She’s not helping it at all by always trying to preach about her prerogative. I bet if she can just chill and live her life, make her new album, and not emphasize so much about how she’s sick of paparazzi, that she will be taken more seriously. I have hope that 2005 will be Britney’s best year ever for her personal life and career life as well! Go Britney!

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