Why Britney Spears’ Marriage Isn’t A Publicity Stunt

Contributed anonymously:

I know, I know, everyone hates essays. But I thought I would share my thoughts about this whole Britney marriage thing. So sue me.

Seriously, people keep calling it a publicity stunt, and I think that’s just silly. I will admit to being a fan, but I also recognize that publicity and good public relations is a big part of Britney’s career.

If this was an orchestrated publicity stunt, wouldn’t they want something that gets positive attention? Many of Britney’s fans have even sided against her, whereas a publicity stunt is used to get more attention.

Secondly, a publicity stunt needs to correspond with the image the artist is selling. Only one of Britney’s songs makes reference to wanting to get married (“Brave New Girl”). This couldn’t have been done to sell more records, because it makes the material les believable.

I mean, would you believe songs about partying and casual sexual encounters coming from someone who is married? Also, Britney is trying to portray herself as a mature, responsible woman, and making bad decisions that reflect the mentality of a lovesick 12-year-old girl don’t really fit into the mix.

So yes, the incident has garnered a lot of public attention, but I wouldn’t say it’s a publicity stunt to sell more records. Plus, don’t you think she would have married someone famous (i.e. Collin Farrel) if she really wanted attention?

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