Why Britney Spears Will Always Be Better Than Christina Aguilera

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and have been battling ever since they started. Britney has been winning. She has had any successful singles and is the first female artist to have four number one albums in a row. Yes Christina has been nominated for Grammys but Britney has won MTV awards, Teen Choice Awards, and Kids Choice awards. She has also sold about 65 million albums worldwide with Christina selling about 45 million. About Stripped selling more than In The Zone of course Stripped has sold more it’s been out a lot longer! Christina fans need to think of that.

Britney as had much success with her latest album. All of her singles have done well around the world. The one with the most success was Toxic which was played a lot on radio and was very successful on Billboard. As far as I know Christina only had one hit single off Stripped which was Beautiful. They have both went on tours lately. Britney’s was a success which was said to have a percent of 90 in sales. Christina who cancelled because of “vocal strain” has been sad to only sell 40 percent of her concerts. So she cancelled because of that. I don’t know if its true but I thought I hear people say she was recording after she cancelled.

Yes, she had a successful tour with Justin but probably because a lot of people went to see Justin. Britney can prove after five years she is still popular and people will still see her. She is a great performer on stage and many people come to see her. I think she will take a break for a while and come back better than ever and still be successful because of her loyal fans. Christina can still be around for a little bit but she will always be behind Britney in album sales, concert sales, and popularity.

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5 thoughts on “Why Britney Spears Will Always Be Better Than Christina Aguilera

  1. angie says:

    Britney sucks! I love Christina!

  2. irene taylor says:

    yes! Britney may always have a bigger career than Christina. because she will always have the media’s huge tail wind of hype at her back. they will continue to feed the gullible public that she is a super star of epic proportions no matter how much she lip syncs, or how lame, lazy & mediocre her dancing becomes. it’s not about talent it’s about media favorites!!

  3. Baby Jane says:

    Christina Aguilera is best singer all over the world!!

  4. Robbie G says:

    Britney can’t sing , she sounds like crap. Christina has an amazing voice, I get chills when I hear her sing. Britney makes me want to throw up. She is only popular because all the gays and media are on her side. If Christina shaved her head and went crazy and craved attention and did drugs than I’m sure she would out do Britney. But I’m sorry she has more class.

  5. Lex says:

    Britney may be more popular with her auto-tuned robotic songs that all sound the same, but Christina produces quality music. Christina is way more popular around the entire world than in the US. Christina takes time to create something organic while Britney punches out album after album… No shit she’s gonna have higher record sales. I predict Britney will be the next Madonna, career wise. She’ll keep being a circus attraction until she can’t do it anymore. The one thing Britney couldn’t be beat at was her dance performances and she can’t even deliver anymore. Christina will outlast all of these similar types of artists. Because she has the talent,the brains and the career control to back it up. It’s not a bad thing that Christina takes her time with her records (it sucks being a Christina fan…waiting) but she always reinvents herself. Britney has been doing the same old shtick since 2008. I honestly believe her popularity comes from people feeling sorry for her. Oh and by the way Christina has WON 5 Grammy’s wich have way more prestige than VMAs, TCAs, kids choice awards and teens choice awards.

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