Why Britney?

I am attending “The Onyx Hotel Tour” on July 14th. I’ve also attended her “ Within A Dream Tour” a few years ago. I loved DWAD tour! It was very nice and good. Now I’ve heard all these things about how R-Rated her new tour is! Me personally I admire for being herself and I am a fan but I don’t understand the need of this stuff!

Britney can dance. She has good songs. And she’s a beautiful talented ‘performer’. Yes, it’s perfectly fine for Britney to wear belly shirts and mini- skirts but what’s the need to act so sexual and R-rated?

I think in my own opinion its about time Britney starts to tame herself down now. Yes, I see where Britney is kind of coming from saying it is not her responsibility about children watching, just flip the channel. But I don’t like this concert stuff. Parents are thinking its fine to buy tickets because based on Britney’s past concerts. But Britney, come on girl, you know you are going to have a younger fan base and an older. You know there’s going to be some 9 and 10 year olds there so why ruin the show?

In my opinion I think Britney spears needs to start taking a few minutes a day and think about what she’s doing right now with this whole rated R tour. If she gets bad reviews like she’s been about this tour, next time around people might not attend her concerts.

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