Why Buy Pearl And The Puppets’ New Single ‘Make Me Smile’?

Pearl and The Puppets 'Because I Do' EP

Katie Sutherland of checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@pearlandthepuppets) on Wednesday (August 4), making the pitch on why they should be picking up her new single ‘Make Me Smile’ when it comes out August 16th. Katie writes:

You could get it for yourself or maybe a boyfriend or a girlfriend or a wife or a husband or a bro or a sis or a gran or a grandad or a cat or a dog or a fish…or you could give it to all of them?
It’s multi purpose too…. It plays my single along with a b-side ‘Inside Out’ and a remix of ‘Make Me Smile’ by Grum….. It can also be used as a Frisbee, a coaster, a mirror, a weapon to blind people in the eye using light, a pizza cutter, a wheel….. and so on and so forth.
So yes. All that for just a few quid. Bargain if you ask me.
It will also be available on iTunes *please note it won’t be multi purpose via iTunes*

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