Why Christina Aguilera Canceled

Contributed by PinkPurple:

In countering the invalid reasons why Christina Aguilera canceled her tour made here goes:

I’m not the least bit shocked that some people believe slow tickets sales had something to do with Christina shutting down an entire tour. I believe it as well, along with her straining her voice as that’s very possible considering she sings live ALL THE TIME and to the best of her abilities. On account of the poor sales, it has nothing to do with the belief that her popularity is declining or any of that nonsense. It has everything to do with people not being that much interested in seeing her perform songs off of the Stripped album after having paid to see her only last year. This is despite her having said she’d do a few songs by soul singers of the past. What she needs is new material, period. And even though I purchased my tickets to see her I can’t exactly say I’m disappointed that she canceled because she’ll be using this time to WRITE for the next CD which I’ve been anticipating for a while now. I personally think she decided to X the tour for multiple reasons: vocal problems, slow sales, another album to start working on, another Latin album to start working on, a movie script to settle on, the possible duet with Joss Stone, the confirmed (I believe) duet with Trina, and other duets to consider as proposed by BSB and Andrea Botecelli. Whether she had sold 3 billion copies of ‘Stripped’ or 3 million, the content and showcase of her talent propelled her as a credible artist so as anyone can see she has A LOT on her plate now. Doing the tour honestly seemed like too much at one time.

In reference to the ‘Justified / Stripped’ tour… Neither Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC nor Christina depended on one another to sell out arenas–that’s such a phony excuse to me. The both of them are very talented and have enough star power to tour alone. But opportunity presented itself where Justin was coming out as a solo artist and doing what he wanted to do for the first time, and Christina the same. I think it was a great idea for them to tag-team because they both were at the same point in their careers at that time: trying to prove themselves as real artists and they’ve done that now as marked by their Grammy performances’ and wins.

And lastly, this point has been beaten to death by now but: the amount an album/tour sells DO NOT indicate an artists’ talent nor longevity and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to pay closer attention. Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles has been certified 3x’s platinum with her solo effort and she achieved more fame and popularity despite that, coming up with 5 Grammys. I honestly believe the number 1 reason why ‘Stripped’ didn’t sell millions and millions of copies like her debut is because of ‘Dirrty’. I know a handful of people, once devoted fans, that were ignorant and decided not to give her music a chance just because of her image. I thought that was lame. How someone chooses to present themselves is their deal, the music they’re bringing to the industry is all that should matter, not whether they looked “skanky” and whatnot in a music video.

With a steady boyfriend, 4 Grammys, 4 octave range, much more serious and “soul-sounding” album coming up, movie, and a cleaned up image I think its more than safe to say that Christina will be at the top of her game AGAIN when she’s finished with the next CD. The End.

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