Why Christina Aguilera’s Upcoming CD Will Flop Like Confessions On A Dance Floor

Contributed anonymously:

Recently we heard that will be releasing a comeback CD featuring jazz tunes. This early it’s quite easy to predict its outcome sales wise and radio wise:

1) Fans themselves will not buy it. Like fans of Madonna, Christina’s fans themselves will not buy their idol’s CD but rather download it for free.

2) Radio will not play any song from this CD, as it did not play any material from The Most Hated One in the last five years. Besides, we live in hip-hop dominated times, so cares about Christina doing jazz standards? Remember that her duet with Herbie Hancock flopped big time and received no airplay whatsoever.

3) The negative aura that surrounds Christina will definitely contribute to this comeback CD’s quick demise. Good or bad publicity is still publicity, but not even the cheapest tabloids are interested in a never-been like Christina Aguilera.

Since her latest effort at a “comeback” will be nipped in the bud by failure and frustration, we won’t be surprised if we hear that she’s gonna be posing for either Playboy or Penthouse. The likes of her usually take that route anyway.

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2 thoughts on “Why Christina Aguilera’s Upcoming CD Will Flop Like Confessions On A Dance Floor

  1. Christina says:

    Wow, you ate your words..didn’t you?

  2. irene taylor says:

    Christina hasn’t posed for Playboy…yet. but I see Britney took the cheesiest route & flashed her vagina in public for all to see… for free!!!

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