Why Do You Criticize Hilary Duff?

Contributed anonymously:

Hilary Duff is a sweet and kind 16 year old singer/ actress/ TV star. I noticed a lot of people on popdirt hate on Hilary. Has Hilary ever done anything to harm you? Hilary is possibly one of the sweetest, kindest, generous, celebrity out in the pop music world today.

Let’s see. Yes other stars like or Christina Aguilera do charity and stuff but Hilary is much more kind and sweet and innocent!

See I just don’t see a reason to hate Hilary. Maybe she doesn’t have a great voice but at least she can sing better than Lindsay Lohan or Mandy Moore or Avril Lavigne.

So please just tell me the main reason everybody hates her? And I don’t want to just hear I don’t like her music or songs or voice because a lot of people here say they hate her and call her names. So please comment!

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One thought on “Why Do You Criticize Hilary Duff?

  1. Robert says:

    Avril and Lindsay are better singers than Hilary.

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