Why Do You Hate Christina Aguilera When She Speaks The Truth?

Contributed by fighter4xtina:

Why do people here not like Christina Aguilera? All she does is talk the truth! And I’m not taking any jabs at any artists, I’m just saying that she’s been saying what people have been saying for years, but now all of a sudden, she’ll get the flack for it, did anyone see perform at TRL? Is that what a real performer is? I’m not bashing Britney here, but she mimed, she didn’t sing onstage, and that was all Christina pointed out, that she mimed at the VMAs. She also pointed out how Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles and Britney act all sexual in their videos and in their photo shoots and then deny it that they are even sexy. We all know that, how could Beyonce even say that she’s not a sexual person after making a video like ‘Baby Boy’ where she is rolling all over and bed looking very erotic. Christina is not dissing them, she’s pointing out something, all she is saying is “Go for it, but don’t deny it!”, but people don’t look at this, she only see that she’s spoken badly about Britney, not that actually what she has said is the truth.

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11 thoughts on “Why Do You Hate Christina Aguilera When She Speaks The Truth?

  1. Lanora says:

    I love Christina Aguilera! But why are you being so mean? Would you like people to lie? NO! So I like the fact she tells the truth and tells people how it really is, not just what people want to hear.

  2. NO NAME says:

    I HATE CHRISTINA AGUILERA! SHE’S NOTHING BUT WHITE TRASH I was so offended when she sang at the James Brown Tribute.She has no right talking about Britney she would never make a mockery of black people.

  3. Tee says:

    I think that most artist are well sorta jealous of Christina Aguilera cause she has such raw talent…her CD’s do very well..generally her singles do awesome ( 4 number one hits) and she seems the most real out of all the popstars

  4. Julie says:

    People don’t like Christina because she seems jealous and insecure. She should have more class and not try to diss people and name drop just to get some recognition. She’s always trying to put people who are doing better than her down.

  5. Sophia says:

    That is NOT true. Christina just speaks the truth. On the other hand, other artists try to put HER down. Take what Eminem said about her in the song Slim Shady. They’re all just jealous about her because she’s so talented and doing so good, and is so far, one of the least female pop stars that doesn’t have bullsh** drama going on in her life. She’s so real and fu**ing normal. I haven’t heard any huge scandal about her yet. She performs on stage for real, like she ACTUALLY SINGS live and I mean, come on, her songs are fu**ing awesome. She’s beautiful and she made it with hard work and talent. Seriously? People need to get a life.

  6. Katie says:

    I like her. I guess I don’t know her so don’t make judgements but she is a beautiful singer. I think she would be a nice person but I’m just guessing.

  7. juan says:

    Aguilera is a fu**ing stupid fake bitch, she can’t sing nowadays and she can have good sales anymore ,she’s over ,why?? because she’s arrogant, she’s always talking sh** about any other artist that is being more famous than her, I don’t think that so many people hate her because they “envy her talent” is stupid, people don’t like her because she’s mean and she thinks she’s God ,and she is NOT !! her music sucks !!! just listen to not myself tonight ,lady marmalade , what a girl wants ,even beautiful ,how she dare to call people” beautiful mistakes ” ????? but anyway ,she’s flopping so hard now that is so fair , she deserves all the sh** she’s living now for being a CU** ,even Britney Spears is better than Floptina !! sorry Christina fans but is the truth

  8. chrtinaFan180 says:

    First of all Christina isn’t white she’s Spanish dumb ass who ever said that look at her last name A-g-u-i-l–e-r-a

  9. chrtinaFan180 says:

    Christina Aguilera isn’t white she’s Spanish who ever said that she’s white trash is an idiot

  10. angel says:

    Seems that lot of people hates Christina.. well, I pity those psychos.. Just leave Christina.. Mind your own businesses.. OK?

  11. winfrida kihwili says:

    christina is honesty and people would never understand, so may people who hate her, leave her cause she is her……………………….

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