Why Doesn’t Jennifer Lopez Tour?

Contributed by MariahsMan:

Madonna, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce Knowles, Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, and Celine Dion, among many other female singers have all toured at some point in their careers. Many of them have embarked on several tours throughout their careers. But one “diva” has not – Jennifer Lopez.

I personally am not a fan of J Lo’s…but I think that her fans deserve the chance to see her perform live and onstage. She rarely even performs at special events, such as awards shows. She gave one concert in Puerto Rico (I think) for a TV special. And correct me if I’m wrong, but it was pretty successful. So why was that it?? We all know she isn’t a powerhouse singer, but some of the artists listed above aren’t either. A tour isn’t just about vocals…it’s also about performance. So what could be J Lo’s excuse for not touring?

Now…maybe there is a good reason why she doesn’t tour. If there is, I’d be interested in hearing it. Until then, I’ll believe that either she simply doesn’t want to, she doesn’t appreciate her music fan base, or maybe (just maybe) she’s scared to. Hell, maybe she HAS toured and I just don’t know about it!

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13 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t Jennifer Lopez Tour?

  1. babet says:

    I think its because of her movie deals….she’s too busy making a gazillion movies to be bothered with touring. I think she’s focusing on her acting career more than her singing career.

  2. IcyCold says:

    The reason most people tour is because its a way they can make a lot of money and promote their album, but J. Lo makes movies instead with her time not in the studio, and they promote her music in a way (she gets exposure, they use her songs on soundtrack, etc.) and she makes a lot of her money that way. And finally, she’s probably just too lazy to tour lol. To sum it up I think she probably doesn’t want to put the effort into something as grueling as touring, she’d rather make movies and plan all her weddings lol.

  3. pinky411 says:

    I think Jennifer Lopez would do great on tour but maybe that’s not her thing to travel around on a bus when she could be making movies or making more music?

  4. Greenturtle23 says:

    It’s probably because she can’t sing. She doesn’t want to lip sync and become discredited so she’s just puts out albums, people buy them and nobody’s the wiser. I mean did anyone hear her at the VMA’s with Ja Rule…it was really bad. But I have to credit her for actually singing it.

  5. ballersfantasy says:

    I always wondered why she hasn’t toured either. I think I heard her say once that the reason she didn’t was because of her movie career. I understand the girl has an empire to run, but I think she does owe it to her fans to tour. I thought her Puerto Rico concert was great. Yes, I do realize she lip-synched, but she still put on one hell of a performance. I know if she toured, I would go.

  6. Madfan says:

    Top 5 Female Artist Who SHOULD Not Tour:

    1. Mariah Carey – the nerve! She can’t even sing, for the honor and love of God! 2. Madonna – freaky. Imagine your grandmother in slinky lingerie and kissing girls…yuck 3. Whitney Houston – do I see lines of coke here???? 4. Britney Spears – go to a High School concert instead, at least you don’t have to pay, for free you’ll get the same “quality” 5. Jessica Simpson – She looks like a Ph.D degree holder when she stands next to Britney Spears

  7. MariahsMan says:

    I guess maybe J Lo does want to focus more on her movie career. That makes more sense, being that she is a better actress than singer. I actually watched “Enough” the other day, because I had heard it wasn’t too bad…and it wasn’t. Not a Selena, but not bad.

  8. pretty_eyez says:

    I saw J.Lo on “Top of the Pops” in England she didn’t sang live, and in top of the pops everybody is singing live always, Christina Aguilera, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Beyonce etc, all these singers where singing live except jenny , she lip-synched and sometimes she shouted a really horrible strange noise. Jlo is more a dancer/actress and touring would be too much for her thin voice and too much for your ears , not like Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera or even Janet who can sing perfectly and give a good show. One big reason JLo isn’t touring is that she can’t bring all the rappers she’s singing with on tour , Ja rule and the lox have other things to do, so Jlo simply can’t tour . Okay Jlo can give a good performance I must admit that but she will never give a good vocal concert her repertoire is too small for that It is a good choice for her not to tour.

  9. mikemc says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude to the J.Lo fans, but give me a break!!! J.Lo has been out as a singer for 6 years now, yes y’all 6 YEARS!!! If J.Lo wanted to tour she could have, no one told her to make one mediocre movie after the other. You can’t tell me in the past 6 years she never had the chance to do a little tour, it’s really just been this past 2 years that she’s been jumping from one film set to the other. The fact of the matter is she cannot perform live, it is very evident on her concert in Puerto Rico that the woman can do nothing but dance. She lipped the entire show, even during the ballads when she’s just standing there and not dancing, even Britney actually SINGS her ballads during her concerts. Another thing is, when the public goes to a concert they expect to hear the hits from the artist. Okay, that would be fine and dandy for anyone, but J.Lo doesn’t have a hit by herself. Practically every song she’s released for the past 3 or 4 years has been featuring a rapper. People can put Mariah or Madonna down all they want, but that doesn’t change the fact that they can go on successful world tours every time they go out. People wanna say Mariah can’t sing, yet she goes out there and sings her a$$ off for 2 hours straight practically every other night, for more then 50 venues during her world tour. And even though Madonna doesn’t have a powerhouse voice, she balances her dancing with live singing. I’m sorry J.Lo fans, you all need to realize J.Lo is a studio singer. In the wise words of Ms. Tina Fey from Saturday Night Live: “It took 13 writers to write “Jenny From the Block”, and 15 computers to make sure she sang it right”!

  10. Madfan says:

    Die With Envy. I understand the hatred of Mariah Carey fans towards J.Lo. . . *J.Lo has MANY No. 1 hit singles *J.Lo has MANY hit movies *J.Lo has Ben Affleck (read: she HAS a love life – a MAN!!!!) *J.Lo is the darling of the press – she NEVER fails to make headlines Believe you me, I always cry at night for poor Mariah for all her flops and failures. I also cry for her fans who are living in denial.

  11. mikemc says:

    *J.Lo has MANY No. 1 Hit singles ( okay, J.Lo has 4 or 5 #1 singles, compared to Mariah’s 15!!!!) *J.Lo has MANY hit movies (as well as the biggest flop in HISTORY of cinema, “Gigli”, and has yet to win any type of award for her acting) *J.Lo has Ben Affleck ( yes she does, and she also had half of the tri-state area!!! The woman goes through men more then she changes her underwear!!! Mariah doesn’t need to sleep with a man to feel like a woman) *J.Lo is the darling of the press-she never fails to make headlines (very true, J.Lo runs the trashy tabloids, that’s all she’s famous for!!! The media NEVER talks about how talented she is, they never talk about how much money she’s worth, they talk about how she cries at night because Ben is busy getting it on with strippers!!!)

  12. WaneInTheZone says:

    I wish she would tour, I’d camp out in front of the arena overnight with my platinum visa in hand to get tickets to that show! I think she’s an excellent entertainer, the few times I have seen her perform she took the stage with as much energy as Tina Turner and had the crowd singing and rocking right along with her. Anyone remember her performance of ‘Jenny From The Block’ on the Top Of The Pops? She absolutely brought the house down. That song always gets me crunk anyway, but her performance was spectacular. You know what the rivalry between JLO and Mariah fans really should stop because for the most part were both guilty of supporting the other artist. I have at least 4 of Mariah Carey’s albums, Including ‘Charmbracelet’. I still favor Jenny over Mariah but I believe they both can co-exist together.

  13. SuGaSuGa says:

    Jennifer Lopez has always wanted to tour. In MANY Interviews I have seen she has always wanted to tour the world and give something back to the fans. When she married Cris, she planned to tour, when they divorced she planned to tour, even before she was engaged to Ben, she had planned to tour in 2004, but then had to change plans. I have seen her on many Television shows, performing her songs, from each album. J.Lo doesn’t have the strongest singing voice, but she is the full package, she can sing dance, she is sexy and she puts on a great show. Yes she has many people featured on her tracks, but… when I saw Ja Rule live, he did the 2 songs without her, so I’m sure that’s not an issue. Who knows why she doesn’t tour? She does sing, dance, act, run a restaurant, have a clothing line, 2 perfumes and she is now getting into TV among many other things! Maybe because she is human, and simply doesn’t have the time, J.Lo gives plenty back to the fans, and I should know, I am one! And for all you haters, Gigli didn’t even get a chance, I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been released anywhere except the USA, as usual! There is no real excuse, and I would love to see Jennifer tour, but these are the reasons I think she doesn’t tour. Leave the girl alone! I still love ya J!

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