Why Doesn’t Madonna Do Another R&B Album?

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I’ll be the first to say, I’m not much of a fan of R&B with the exceptions of a few artists. Unfortunately, the music world is dominated by R&B and Hip-Hop/Rap-Crap. I like Mariah, but even I get sick of her constant R&B and rent-a-rapper path she takes with every album.

on the other hand has only done one R&B album and that was with “Bedtime Stories.” But you know what? I thought it was her best album. There’s not one bad song on it, and her voice suits R&B music really well. However, the majority of Madonna fans didn’t like this album because they expect her to do her usual boring pop/dance/electro crap. People say Mariah keeps doing the same old R&B stuff (which is true), yet they fail to mention Madonna keeps doing the same Euro-Trash music.

I’m not saying that should jump on the bandwagon and do R&B just because “everyone” else is doing it, but because it would be different for her and I really did think she did good R&B music. “Take a Bow” was from “Bedtimes Stories” and it’s her biggest hit to date. And song’s like “Survival,” “Secret,” and “Inside of Me” were excellent. When I heard the “Forbidden Love” on COADF, I couldn’t believe what crap it was compared to the “Forbidden Love” on “Bedtime Stories.” And the sassy “Human Nature” is one of my favorites.

I really think that should consider making an R&B next time. It would be different, it suits her voice well, and maybe she might actually have a hit in the US again.

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