Why I Am Sick Of Britney Spears And Kevin Federline

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By the name of the title, you might think that I’m some hater, but guess what, I’m not. I actually like Britney’s music, the first album I ever bought in my life was her first album Baby One More Time, and I have pretty much all of her albums and I like many of her songs because they’re fun to dance to and she’s an okay performer on stage. But nowadays, I’m sick of Britney for:

A) Not improving her music, which has the same themes and styles to it. I find it annoying that she (and some fans I know) has to act as if adding vibey backgrounds and moaning in the background actually makes it into a more “mature” Britney album.

B) Not giving all of her effort when performing on stage these days. Every performance of hers I’ve been seeing lately just shows a lack of energy and a lack of effort in her dancing. She seems to let her dancers do most of the dancing, while she just shakes her hips and swings her hair all over the place, and making goofy faces as if she thinks she’s so cool and sexy, when it just comes out looking cheesy and funny. As for her lip-synching, well, you can make your own joke there. I know some of you fans might say, have you been to her Onyx Hotel tour, she didn’t lip-synch, and she played the piano. PUH-LEEZ, it’s so obvious people that this whole tour was nothing more but a soft peep show concert with Britney just showing off all her stuff while her whole album playing in the background, a piano used as a prompt for Everytime, and lots of lights and flashy stuff to distract people from the fact that without all of that it would be a boring less than 10 minute show with Britney trying to screech out a tune.

C) For seeming to always give her fans the middle finger all the time by lip-synching 99% of the time first of all, canceling her tour without offering an apology herself ( I’m also sick of Britney’s mom always having to make apologies for her), and just being irresponsible about her actions, and just making too many excuses. One of those excuses she always makes is, “I was just being a girl.” Makes me think…okay…just a few months ago you’re complaining about how people don’t take you seriously, and how you want people to see you as an adult, yet you come off making a fool of yourself and act as if you’re a teenager making excuses about every little thing that makes you look immature and irresponsible. I know she’s not perfect, but it’s just stupid to expect people to take you seriously while you just are so open about making yourself look like a fool.

D) For all the hype and “controversy” that she tries to make up, where really it just makes her look ridiculous. First her 55 hour quickie marriage, and now her marriage to Kevin Federline, which alone I find it pathetic for the fact that she had to buy her own large diamond ring to show off to the media. Now I am sick of those two. I’m happy that Britney is in love and all, but why the rush? Will it hurt to just wait a year or two before thinking of marriage? because seriously, getting married to someone that you barely knew for a year, and on top of that, marrying someone who doesn’t even seem stable financially and doesn’t seem to be a responsible man for being there for the children that he made with another woman. And just because it’s all lovey dovey doesn’t mean that they have the foundations and the commitment to make a marriage work, it takes more than love and great sex for that to happen. I think Britney is too young, and doesn’t know any better, she seems to just want to give the middle finger to her fans and to people once again by saying, “I don’t care what people think, I’m going to do what I want in my life.” I respect her for that, but she should think more wisely. Rebelling and trying to prove you’re an adult or whatever doesn’t mean you have to go to great extremes to do it.

But anyways, I’m sick of Britney, and all this hype about her relationship with Kevin. At first I wanted to be happy for them, and happy for Britney, but now I and even the most hardcore fans are just sick of Britney. She doesn’t take her career seriously, her performances show less talent and effort, her “singing” is just crap for the ears, and pretty much she’s always talked about for her stupid antics and for her engagements, nothing is said about her music, and she herself doesn’t seem to even want to communicate with her fans, which I find as a big slap in the face. I don’t even remember the last time she even appeared in an interview thanking her fans, and I don’t remember her ever making apologies for herself and stuff. Like I said before, mommy has to make excuses for her. I have faced this enough. I still like Britney’s music in the past, but nowadays, her music sucks, and each day it just shows that her whole career is nothing more but a career based on sex appeal, a huge support group (from the many people that helped make the image, the music, the lyrics, the record deal, etc.), a huge fan base (that’s how she has 4 #1 albums in a row, she didn’t get those type of sales by herself, the fans made her who she is today, and she cares less about giving back the respect that we deserve), publicity, hype, the media, and luck pretty much. Not too many people can achieve and do as much as she has done at such a young age, but based on what she gives out and what she doesn’t offer, it’s pointless to acknowledge her for anything that has to do with her being talented and more than just a sex symbol. She’s nothing more but a lucky girl who became a star for many reasons that could have made any other girl into a star as well, if they had a bit of talent (either vocally or when it comes to dancing) and sex appeal to pull it off.

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One thought on “Why I Am Sick Of Britney Spears And Kevin Federline

  1. CaliCal says:

    Thank you! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I used to love Britney music so much too. I was ALWAYS excited for when the next CD was going to come out. But sadly, not anymore. I feel like she not for the music anymore. everytime I listen to her songs nowadays I feel like I’m listening to a computer more than her voice. her songs just don’t sounds as good, and fresh as they did and as natural. plus, she was so much more likeable b4. now she just annoys me.

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