Why I Like Britney, But Not Britney The Entertainer

Contributed Anonymously:

Since I been on this site I have noticed how Britney haters and lovers alike defended their opinions of why they love or hate Britney…and I can see why. First of all, I like Britney when she’s sweet, nice, and just normal and herself, like when she first come out. I know people change, that’s nothing new. Read on for the reasons why I like .

1) She has great music that gets you in the groove, makes you dance, and is just great to sing to sometimes.

2) Her personality is kind of interesting.

3) She’s pretty (not the prettiest woman in the world, but pretty).

But these are the reasons why I DON’T like Britney:

1) Her music barely changes…yeah sure she has been adding more sex into her lyrics, and the grooves have been more creative…but too much too many…when is she ever going to “mature” as much as she says she does? You don’t become a woman and mature person instantly just from dressing less and adding more sex into an image. And when is she going to prove to us that she can sing? The grooves and stuff behind the music overshadows her voice.

6) Her voice barely has emotion or range. Sure, it sounds sexy at times, and that works fine when she’s singing a sensual song, but she barely puts emotion into it. Her range is something she can’t control too much, I am not saying she has to have a powerful voice like Xtina to bring some emotional appeal, but jeez, Britney makes sexual songs kind of boring and emotionless…

3) She always says one thing to defend her innocence one day in an interview, then the next day she’s doing the complete opposite!! That’s just so affected and annoying! And all these excuses she uses to still defend her innocence after doing something that caused an uproar…she’s always trying to prove that she’s more mature by showing sex and stuff, yet never seems to hold her responsibilities up high above her shoulders, and that makes her somewhat of a hypocrite. She needs to follow her own advice sometimes.

4) Some people say that she’s an actress, songwriter, and producer, I say NO! To me I think you have to actually be a good actress to be known as an actress. I loved crossroads, but her acting skills didn’t shine. As for her songwriter, its something called CO-WRITING. And even if she did write her songs, what’s so special about them? Anybody can make a lyric about boys, sex, and partying. I respect Britney and all, and love her music, but I wouldn’t brag so much about her acting and “songwriting” because she hasn’t shown much of anything special, hasn’t won any Grammy’s or Academy Awards lately, so its no big deal.

5) Her dancing is great…but its nothing special either. Anybody with a choreographer can dance like her. Jeez, you might not even need one…her dancing is easy to follow, easy to dance, not much energy wasted, no problem.

1) Her sexy image overshadows everything that’s good about her!

So fairly enough, I think it’s OKAY to like an artist, but still have some things you don’t like about her. I know some of you hardcore Britney fans will say “she’s not a fan, you are a loser loser!” but no, I’m not, if I can have the right to like an artist, anybody and myself can have the right to dislike too. My opinions don’t make yours right or wrong. If you like, love, hate, or don’t care about any artists, then okay. Sorry I wrote so much, but sometimes it annoys me when people keep on stressing out points and comments that don’t keep the point they are trying to make. Peace y’all :)

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