Why I Love Britney Spears

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I think this is one posting people need to see. There is so much “this is why I hate Christina or Britney” and so much “Britney/Christina is better then Christina/Britney” posting that I think there needs to be a post not bad about either of them or putting them in competition.

is my favorite artists and one of the most talented performers of all time. She can make any song that isn’t her own her own (Like a Virgin, Satisfaction, I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll, the beat goes on.) You can clearly see and hear her style in whatever she does. Every artist is compared or compare themselves to Britney at one point or another. She is an era, a phenomenon, and a mania all at once.

Her as a singer – I think she is one of the best singers around. Not because her vocal talent is the best but because of how she sounds and what she can do with her vocal range. She may not have the pipes of Kelly Clarkson but she can hit notes and she sounds good while doing them.

Her music- I think her music is the most entertaining because it is unpredictable… you never know what direction it is going. She sings song true to herself at a certain moment. Songs that help her grow and songs that show her maturing. If you look at some artists songs (like Rock Your Body) they are good songs but they really have no personal meaning and most of Britney’s do. Just because she sings about being not a girl not yet a woman on her 3rd CD doesn’t mean by her 4th CD it hasn’t changed. Everything she does has a significant purpose with her at the time of the song/CD.

Her as a performer- Now your not blind. I really do not need to go into this. She has a nice body, lots of good special effects, and awesome dance numbers….her performances are always some of the best…sometimes she even has snakes…

Her as a person- from what we see and everything people say about her that know her personally. She is down-to-earth, caring, and crabby at times…which makes her…ding ding ding..you’re right….human. She gets mad at the press and gets exhausted too. And she let’s it show sometimes. I would flick off the reporters from time to time too. She still wakes up most mornings smiling that it is a new day because she is a good natured person but sometimes not a force to be reckoned with. Another thing that shows how good of a person she is, is in her music. She can admit to things like hurting Justin…In Everytime she admits it to everyone who will hear that song. She is good natured that she would wreck her name to show how sorry she is and how much she regrets it.

Britney may not be perfect. She may push the envelope from time to time. She may even kiss girls (which isn’t bad by the way!) but she is a good person, a great performer, an excellent songwriter, a talented artist, and my favorite artist out there. I am always gonna be a fan, because Britney is not just a person….she is an icon, a craze, and a style of music. (not to mention a Barbie Doll.)

If you are gonna post a comment, please don’t let it be a hating comment. I wrote this trying not to dis any other artist or anybody’s opinions….do the same.

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16 thoughts on “Why I Love Britney Spears

  1. Courtney says:


  2. Donnie says:

    Britney is the best. It’s all true what you have said and besides the point it’s her music that carries me. Her music lifts me up when I am down and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Much Love To Brit!

  3. tracy says:

    yes,I love Britney forever

  4. EmiLio says:

    Britney is amazing. I have been with her since “…Baby One More Time,” and I still love her and her music just as much if not more.

  5. kat says:

    I love Britney and always will : )

    everything you have said is so true and she is incredible

    I hate it when people say horrible things about her because they have never been in her position and nobody would be able to deal with all the crap she gets every single day, and she’s still managing to stay strong <3

  6. danbert says:

    I also love Britney Spears and there’s a lots of people here in the Philippines would also love Britney that’s why I keep on saying go! Britney keep on getting your award.

  7. Yeah! says:


  8. Alonso says:

    I also love Britney, since she started until she stops making music. I LOVE BS ^_^

  9. Nikel says:

    Britney is the best and I agree with you people.
    I love her!!!

  10. Cassie says:

    anyone who doesn’t like Brit is just jealous of how talented she is. they usually don’t even try to listen to her songs, just criticize her. I used to not listen to pop music at all until my friend begged me to listen 2 Circus. loved it so much I went and bought the album, then all of her albums. She opened the door to the best genre of music. That’s why I love her so much!!!

  11. sara says:

    no one loves Brit Brit more than I do :P she’s AWESOME!

  12. Fake says:

    This is so true
    I love Britney forever she never give up

  13. spanky says:

    i love brit so much <3
    im in kind of a depression,that I love her so much

  14. judy says:

    i love Britney forever!!!!although I am a Chinese! like her dance and music!all of her!

  15. Boran says:

    You are right! I Love U!! Say something to this bloody sh**!
    popdirt.com/reasons-why-i-hate-britney-spears/29319/ Fu** It!

  16. yara says:

    I love Britney forever <3 she'll always be the queen of pop !! Britney is an icon

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