Why I Love Jennifer Lopez

Contributed by shadybaby:

One thing I see on this site I see a lot is people dissing Jennifer Lopez. I honestly don’t understand why people would say she can’t sing or act. She is an amazingly talented singer, her voice may not be as powerful as Christina Aguilera’s or Mariah Carey’s because her voice is amazing in her own way, since she is from New York, she has an accent and that’s why her voice is different from many other artists. She is also proud of her heritage, even though she loves the glamor of Hollywood, J.Lo is proud of her Bronx, NY upbringing in a close-knit Puerto Rican-American family; she also paid tribute to her old Castle Hill neighborhood in her song ‘Jenny From The Block’. Most important she believes in herself. When it comes to love, J.Lo follows her heart-no matter what anyone says. She’s a romantic, and not afraid to surrender herself to love. When people criticize her for having two failed marriages at age 33, J.Lo doesn’t care. She’s human and makes mistakes, she doesn’t intentionally hurt anyone. The fact that she’s not perfect is partly what draws people to her. If you love her or hate her, you got to admit that she is a true entertainer and loves it. She is the only girl ever to have a #1 CD and #1 movie in the same week. Besides talent, she has amazing will power and keeps raising the bar for herself.

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10 thoughts on “Why I Love Jennifer Lopez

  1. Carrie says:

    Regardless of her crazy relationships, I think deep down there is a sincere loving person who has followed her heart no matter what people think of her. Unfortunately the men she’s truly loved have emotionally abused her for the fact that she idiolizes them. I hope with the crisis of her current relationship she takes note and doesn’t continue to make the same mistakes. As for an actress and singer, I enjoy both. She is not top notch but she’s definitely up there in my book. Got to give the girl credit considering where she came from.

  2. xtinarox says:

    ok..now its this..yesterday it was “Why I Love BS” by someone..(I forgot who though)’, ‘who gives a damn about J.Lo? I just read few of your sentences and I don’t think anybody will give a damn.. It’s already tired of hearing Britney fans vs Christina fans.. And now you have to add in? but really..don’t post this kinda essays.

  3. pinky411 says:

    I think its impossible for people like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, and etc to get record deals if they’re talentless. They both have a better voice than so props to them.

  4. Caramele11 says:

    I am by no means saying that Jennifer is not a great entertainer. She is! I think that she is a great actress and a good dance and she knows how to put on a show. However, I would NEVER say that she has a good singing voice. She sounds horrible. I love her in movies and I think she is a beautiful woman. I just don’t think she should be singing. She should stick to what she does best and that is acting. Maybe if she focuses more on acting, she could one day win an Oscar. Because she definitely talented enough to get it. But you can not blame her terrible singing voice on the fact that she has a New York accent because her accent is not that strong to begin with. I have a cousin from Brooklyn who has a very strong accent and a beautiful singing voice. And what about singers from England, you don’t hear their accent when they sing. I mean, I am just saying not everybody can just pick up a mic and sing. and J-lo should definitely stop. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE HER IN MORE MOVIES INSTEAD.

  5. shadybaby says:

    You know I wrote this article to show people J.Lo’s accomplishments in life and to she that she is very real but she can win with you! Something good happens to her,you hate her,something bad happens,you hate her! You guys so sad!

  6. Jive says:

    Jennifer Lopez is fake. Not in a mean way but she sometimes make people think she is not proud to be Puerto Rican. She never played a Latin character instead of Selena, but most of them are Italian,she was in Wedding Planner, Gigli, and Maid in Manhattan. She only sang about the Bronx to cover up that she really is not proud to belong there. But other than that, she is an okay singer like Britney, better actress than both Mariah and Britney, and for the dating part, it’s not really anybody’s business.

  7. babet says:

    I actually like J.Lo now. I’m starting to really respect her “take charge/independent” type attitude. I think that’s really cool. plus….i like her music. her music is the only type of hip hop dance r&b that’s fun to dance to. Beyonce …however…is too much of a poser to even like or respect.

  8. Caramele11 says:

    I agree with you that Mariah doesn’t sing ANYMORE. I guess she ‘s trying to be too sexy. But Mariah has the potential to out sing J-lo. There’s no questioning that. Just put in an old Mariah tape. Home girl has a very powerful voice. I don’t know why she is doing the whole whisper thing now, but there is no arguing who has the better singing voice. It’s Mariah. I am not a fan of either but…..

  9. carlton Banks says:

    you work for her right a-hole. stop kissing her fat ass.

  10. Joao Pedro says:

    She’s a great dancer, actress and singer… She’s very sweet and I Love her songs + videos *.*
    She’s perfect! And she have a very nice body that many women in her age would like to have… and young girls Too LOL…
    she’s the queen :)
    I think that she have many haters because she’s too good! I don’t understand why her fans don’t support her well! I live always love her, she need people like me to support her…
    Love U Jlo!!! I want a new album ok? Please *.*

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