Why I Will Skip Christina Aguilera

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Ever since the release of Christina Aguilera’s 12 million selling ‘Stripped’ album, I have been an absolute loyal fan of her. From her voice, to her style, to the meaningful lyrics.
I became a fan of her fierceness and boldness, she didn’t give a sh** what anyone thought about her, and the most important thing about her music is the fact that I could identify with it, with songs such as ‘Beautiful’. That song not only won her legions of fans, but it also won her a grammy and loads of respect. But now? Looks like we are going to have to get used to 1920’s Christina.

After hearing the idea of her doing 1920’s and 40’s music, I was alright with it, until I actually heared some of the songs, and judging by the respsonse I have seen in many forums, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that none of the songs have really left me wanting more.

I really am not too impressed with any of the songs. I have tried to force myself to like Aint No Other Man, but I can’t, and Candyman? No. Not for me thank you.

Plus I really do not like her whole image now, trying to hard to be vintage etc etc. Yes, she looks lovely… but the whole concept is abit…. well…. lame.

She has become boring. Im not saying it is because she got married, because that is her personal life and she deserves to be happy, but her music and whole image has become boring.

For example, her performance on the UK TV show Parkinson, I was way too excited for it, but what a bore it turned out to be. Not only that, but her grammy performance was also…. boring. It just sent me to sleep.

Though I still have alot of respect for Christina, this ‘gritty’ and ‘raw’ era is not for me, so I think Im going to skip this album.
Personally I think this is just an album for the really loyal fans.

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