Why Is Christina Aguilera Always A Victim?

Contributed anonymously:

Sometimes I feel so sorry for for being a victim of everything: her fashion style is the worst, her attitude is the worst, and her image is the worst. What do you want from her? She’s a really talented artist who gives her fans 100%. It hurts me so much to see Christina struggle when obviously she puts her soul in her career. If it hurts me so much, imagine how she must feel.

Yes, she changed her image and became more sexual. So what? Why do other celebrities always criticize her? Like Pink, who said that Christina is a slut and that she didn’t approve her new image? And that’s how the feud between them started, but the media made it look like it was Christina’s fault. Christina is just standing up for herself. Take an incident with Kelly Osbourne. I hate because she has no talent; she only got a record deal thanks to her famous daddy. She had no rights to criticize Christina but she did. She spit on Christina’s car without a reason. And I am glad that Christina stood up for herself. GO Christina.

Press makes her up to be a dirty and a mean person when it’s so untrue. She always gets bad criticism no matter what she does. Have you ever seen one of her concerts? Did it take your breath away? It took mine away. Only by watching her perform you can conclude that she’s a real artist because she doesn’t lip-sync and she even dances at the same time. She owns the stage. Press and people are really so unfair towards Christina. And other celebrities are just very jealous of Christina because she has so much more to offer to her fans. Only her voice is a good enough reason to be addicted to Christina, not to mention her looks, bad girl attitude and sexy style.

I just hope that Christina will never give up on her career because she inspires so many people to be themselves. ‘Beautiful’ is probably the most beautiful song I have ever heard. Her songs are taken very seriously because they have a meaning while Britney’s songs are a big joke. I mean compare the lyrics on their albums. The only thing Britney Spears sings about is sex and dating and drinking and hooking up, while Christina sings about straight, power, love for yourself, be yourself.

Her songs are so powerful. They actually have a point, unlike songs from Britney’s new album ‘In the Zone’ which are pointless and unintelligent. They really ARE. Christina is a diva who is taken seriously in the show business while Britney Spears is just another bombshell with nice body and great dance moves but no real talent. Thank you.

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11 thoughts on “Why Is Christina Aguilera Always A Victim?

  1. blondeambiti0n says:

    Christina is a victim because she sets herself up to be one. Her horrid fashion style and attitude make people not like her. Just because she is talented doesn’t mean her crap don’t stink. And don’t get me started on her being such a “victim”, when she victimizes everyone else. She talks so much sh** about people, and thinks nothing of it because she thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips. I have no patience for conceited people like that. And on the Pink issue, have you ever thought about that maybe Pink has a real reason for not liking Christina? Maybe Christina did something to Pink that we don’t know about. We don’t know what the situation really is. So Christina isn’t innocent in that one just yet. And what is Christina really is a slut? Just because she says she isn’t? If you don’t know her personally, then I guess you can only assume. Pink probably knows more about Christina being a “slut” then you or I or anyone else does. The same thing with Pink as with Kelly Osbourne. Kelly says that Christina was a bitch and really rude to some of her friends. Maybe it goes deeper than that. But all these enemies Christina seems to be compiling all agree that she is a bitch. Well she probably is, and she will be criticized for it. About celebs being jealous of Christina, I’m sure they are, but at least they don’t open they’re mouth and prove it. Christina is so incredibly jealous of Britney’s attention that it’s just funny.People maybe say “Why would Christina be jealous of Britney?” Simply this, attention. Britney makes the headlines and Britney’s the one that everyone goes “oh” and “ah” over. I admit, “Beautiful” is a great song, but too bad Christina didn’t even write it, she just sang it. So she doesn’t deserve credit for it. And about Britney having no “real talent”, what do you think great dancing is? It’s a talent. And if she couldn’t sing in the slightest bit, she wouldn’t have gotten a deal. Think a little bit would ya.

  2. cheer_tech says:

    okay let me first say that I think Christina is a talented artist and I have all her stuff and I think that she is great…i really do now..let’s address her being a “victim”…sorry but this is such a wrong term for Christina…because half the mess she brings on herself…yes Pink said some stuff about her…but Christina has also said nasty things about her, and I quote “when has Pink NOT been copying me?” as far as her battle with Kelly Osbourne… I agree that Kelly got what she deserves…because she started all that mess… to me, where your argument really falls apart at is when you start talking about her and Britney…first not all of Christina’s songs have some profound meaning, (i.e Dirrty, Genie in a Bottle,..etc…) and second some of Britney’s songs do have meaning (i.e. Not a Girl, Everytime, etc…) some songs are put out there just to be party records, to give you a good feeling…your song doesn’t have to have this monumental message in order to be good… next…in the Christina vs Britney thing, would you still call her a victim…Christina is REALLY attacking Britney…and yet she called her/calls her a friend…some victim!

  3. weebongo says:

    When Christina performs live she uses a back up vocal track which is just as bad as lip-syncing and much more annoying. She’s the worst live performer and moves around the stage like a lethargic pig. Her dancing is corny she looks incredibly stupid trying. Christina should not try to be like Britney and give the dancing a rest.

  4. nellysgirl says:

    I would of loved this article without this “Britney Spears is just another bombshell with nice body and great dance moves but no real talent.” Your just another person trying to start something.

  5. meteora says:

    What exactly did Christina say to Britney that was so bad? She said that she can’t sing live and its the truth. She really cant, her main concern on stage is to give a good dance performance and not a vocal performance, it should be the other way around don’t you think> if she likes dancing so much then why did she become a singer?

    I am really not trying to start anything, its just my opinion of Britney and it happens to be negative. What can I do? People make her out to be a legend when she’s not

  6. brostar2 says:

    First of all the more trash that is talked about Christina the more I admire her and like her. Also I am not saying I completely agree with what she said in the Blender magazine but it is true. Also if you read the article closely they make her sound like she is so full of herself. This is how I know that they spiced it up to make Christina look like the bad girl. The reason I say this is because I know Christina personally (YES I HAVE MET HER) and she is not like this, honestly. All you believe what you want but I thank you all for trashing her. just realize one thing…you are doing the same thing ever day and more than her. I am sure all you stupid bitches drink, smoke, party til you drop, and back stab everyone else. I am in college so I know it is true. You can be on Christina’s ass all you want but you will always be hypocrites! Oh and I know if someone trashes you you will respond back like Christina did. To conclude, please stop with the whole Britney and Christina thing because they are really friends (she told me so herself) so deal with it!

  7. xtinalooverrr says:

    I agree with you.
    Christina is amazing. when think about it, Christina Aguilera is the most talented vocalist in the industry. and that’s what pink and Britney are jealous of.
    they make it so easy to read between the lines.
    Christina deserves better than that.

    Media tries to make her look like bad person. and its just completely sick and disgusting. its all untrue.
    like I’m not a Miley fan. but I don’t like how they media tries to sell her as a bad person.

    Christina Aguilera is talented and what they media tries to sell her as, is all fake.
    Christina is real. and I love how she sticks up for herself.

  8. whoretinaaguilera666 says:

    Christina sucks ,she sings like a man ,she’s fat and ugly ,and her music is sad ,always about the same kind of tragedy ! she’s so over ,she’s always crying because her dad never loved her ,so ,come on stupid cow ,get over it!! you’re nothing!

  9. lol says:

    The person above-it’s more than “daddy never loved her”, there was DOMESTIC VIOLENCE in the household where her father beat her and her mother repeatedly and violently. Something like that scars you for the rest of your life-Lord, I only pray you’re never in a situation where you have to take your words back.

  10. Jj says:

    That was the dumbest thing I’ve ever read,
    Christina talks too much smack , She is disrespectful & her ego is off the charts,
    She needs to just shut her mouth & sing

  11. Demi says:

    Who ever wrote this is
    #1 very young obviously
    &2 doesn’t know the full stories between P!nk or Kelly, witch I happen to know Christina started both incidents , Christina is FAR from a victim
    she is a hater & a hypocrite , She sings of empowerment but talks trash about every female artist in the game.
    Christina is a horrible person, Her karma is really getting her right now (with her bionic flop of a CD) And rightfully so!

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