Why Is Everyone Picking On Christina Aguilera?

Contributed anonymously:

I have never written an essay before, so here goes. I want to know why is everyone against Christina Aguilera? She did not do nothing but cancel her tour, because she has strained her vocal chords. If that is what everyone’s talking about. See I am the biggest fan of Christina Aguilera, and she does do better than Britney Spears. Christina can sing better than Britney. All Britney is fake, like a Barbie doll.

So why pick on Christina Aguilera, she is not the bad guy, is she? Christina does the best she can in her lifetime. For one thing Britney lied to the world about her virginity. I think that is pretty stupid from doing that. It is not anyone’s business if Britney spears did it or not. Christina Aguilera has more than one CD out and Britney Spears has only four. That shows that Christina Aguilera is working her butt off, making records. While Britney Spears is on vacation, spending time with her family. Britney only has four CDs out and Christina has five CDs out. Now tell me if that is good for Christina.

Now on the Showtime channel when Britney did a concert there, look all she did is to pretend to have sex with this one dude, now that is stupidity. I know for one thing, in Britney’s video ‘Everytime’, Britney is sending a message that it is ok to commit suicide. I can tell that Christina Aguilera tells us it is ok, just hang in there; you will make it in life. What Christina is saying to do the best you can do in life, don’t listen to nobody, if they are bringing you down. Why is everyone getting to Christina Aguilera?

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10 thoughts on “Why Is Everyone Picking On Christina Aguilera?

  1. Dan says:

    yes I couldn’t agree more to what you said. Christina rocks our socks.

  2. meghan says:

    Totally agree… except from the album things:P Christina so fa has just 3 studio albums and Britney 6 [i think] yes she has 2 extra but the weren’t major… Love Christina either way:P

  3. W says:

    no one’s picking on Christina. End off story. They’re picking on Britney..just like you did in your story.

  4. irene taylor says:

    it’s a unspeakable shame the way the media & everyone picks on Britney. making her the center attraction at every event she attends. blathering on & on about how wonderful she looks. giving over-blown praise for her mediocre tour performances, bestowing her with top 3 MTV Awards for one of the worst videos of her career and nominating her for 7 more. I agree. they should stop picking on Britney & start giving those awards to the ones that deserve them!!!!

  5. crosstoon says:

    “‘Everytime’, Britney is sending a message that it is ok to commit suicide”

    LMFAO, you think that’s what’s the message was? No wonder everyone hates Craptina, she has the dumbest fans ever

  6. DarkRomanek says:

    Men, don’t be stupid!
    Xtina is the fakest artist ever, Yes she has a great voice but that’s it. She’s a terrible performer a terrible dancer, she loves to copy other artist, she doesn’t have her own style that’s why she changed her style all the time.
    Britney Spears Rules, she’s a great singer that’s why she sells lots and lots of records.
    I love you Britney!

  7. BritneyTheLegend says:

    Nobody picks on Floptina because nobody cares about her.. Who cares if she has a powerful voice?? She’s UNORIGINAL and copies other artists.. She never had an impact on the industry… If Britney is that bad, why floptina copied Brit for years??? Not only Britney, she’s also copying Lady Gaga right now.. Floptina is a loser, and her lame VMA kiss is never forgotten… It was a prove that how poor girl she is.. Nobody cared.. LOL

  8. DrummerChick says:

    I disagree that everyone is picking on her. At least “floptina” as you call her didn’t shave off all of her hair go crazy and start to do drugs oh and flash the paparazzi pfft I think a good singer depends on the voice and duh everyone copies everyone regarding fashion and style they have to do what’s in and popular why do you think Mariah Carey’s music sucks now? so many dumb a@! people you don’t even recognize talent anymore when you see or hear it. BTW as she said “if you don’t like f$@* you” <3 XTINA

  9. Jillian says:

    Who cares if everyone is picking on Christina Aguilera. What does that have to do with Britney Spears? I hate how Christina fans try to increase her popularity by mentioning Britney all the time. If you like Christina just say good things about her without saying bad things about Britney, it only proves how popular Britney is when you diss her.

  10. wow says:

    Because aside from being fake and trying her hardest to be Marilyn Monroe with no success she’s mean,rude and comes off harsh.

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