Why Is Everyone Talking About Britney Having Sex?

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Her fans just don’t seem to get why everyone from Leno to CNN is talking about the latest admission from Britney! She had sex with ex-boyfriend Justin Timberflake…oops, I did it again, Timberlake!! (Like the world didn’t already know it…what did she think, she was gonna shock the world with this “news”? The only shock is that she finally talked about it!) Read on ONLY if you can handle it!! There is no Britney Bashing from this point forth, so I don’t wanna read anyone trashing me afterwards!! The following contains only facts that the world already knows….

When you tell the world you live your life one way, when in fact you’re living it 180 degrees differently (in other words, doing the exact opposite of what you said)…..you’re setting yourself up for a lot of criticism!! Take me for example!! When I was little, I swore off alcohol forever!! “I’m never gonna drink that stuff” I’d say at my mom and dad’s parties to them and their friends!! Can you imagine the harassment I got last weekend when those same friends were at our house to see me slamming back a few drinks? Since I turned 21, not a day goes by I don’t at least THINK of having something…. (no, it doesn’t make me an alcoholic…I CAN live my life without one)

was once the poster child for the good kids of the world who DON’T do drugs, DON’T drink, DON’T have sex…. Why is it such a big deal, her fans ask, that she does this stuff now? Why can’t people like ME get a life and let it go? Well, I’ll tell you why!!! Her latest admissions in the “W” magazine interview make her out to be the single biggest hypocrite on the planet right now!! “I’ll never have sex, do drugs, smoke…..” blah blah blah!! Ok, so she said she was going to wait for marriage to have the sex, but lets face it, in today’s society, women don’t stay virgins until their late 20’s, which is when a good portion of them get married.

Britney screwed herself here!! She did, don’t spout an attitude…. “I’m gonna have sex only AFTER I’m married”….then the unmarried, never been married Brit “sex is a spiritual thing…yes I’ve had it!!!” “I’d never do drugs. I wouldn’t even smoke!!!!”….lately it’s been admissions of having TRIED drugs and being a heavy smoker!!!

Like the world didn’t already know her and Justin were knocking boots!! You don’t have a live-in love and then sleep in separate rooms!! You don’t go on a romantic get away, stay in the same hotel room, and sleep in separate beds. I’m sorry, it just doesn’t happen like that. She admits this like it’s a shocking confession and that no one had any idea what was going on.

WHY is it such a big deal? Why is everyone talking about it? Why not…. Anyone makes a fool out of themselves like this, and EVERYONE will be talking about it!!

The thing is…..this is all part of the “re-invention” of Britney Spears!! They’re re-doing her look, her personality, her attitude….and they’re trying to make-over the worlds outlook on her! She wants to be a bad ass chick….she wants to lose the goody goody image forever…. So she’s pulling out all the stops, including “secrets” that went on in her over-publicized relationship with the boy band “king”!!

She’s getting exactly what she wants…..publicity!! She’s a media whore, and she’s doing everything she can to make the headlines!!

Britney should have NEVER openly talked about sex to begin with….it’s nobody’s business!!! Now she’s able to use that in her favor….she’s been using it ever since the initial statement!! WHY is everyone talking about it? It was the plan ding dongs…. One admission at a time to stay in the headlines longer. She’s dragging this out as long as she can!! You can bet she’ll play the victim in the near distant future, but she is….the victim of her own hypocrisy!!

Until a week ago, SOME fans still honestly thought she was still “innocent”….gimme a break!! THIS is why we don’t get lives….it’s stuff we can use in OUR fight!!!

Leno uses anything he can find on the biggest names…CNN makes a joke…ET makes a cover story about it…the haters of the world like me are gonna continue to drag this out until her next “shocking admission”!! You are gonna get so sick of hearing about it, I guarantee it, but it’s HER fault!! Haters live to point out the short comings of those they cannot stand….like that should be news to anyone!!

I am submitting this to popdirt!! Whether or not it makes it there is to be seen…. But I’ll be highly pissed off should I see this in the coming months at World Of Britney to prove how ignorant the haters are….cause, here’s where the bashing comes in…. It’s her fans who are the ignorant bunch of buffoons!!!! If Britney and her fans can’t stand the heat, step out of the fire!!! It’s that simple!!!

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