Why Is Madonna Going To The Grammys This Year?

Contributed anonymously: I recently read that Madonna is going to the Grammy’s this year and may even be performing. If this is true, then my question is, “Why?”

For one thing, she’s not nominated for anything.

Second, if she is performing, what is the point considering her upcoming single “Sorry” is barely getting any airplay? Obviously, no one is interested, so why is she wasting her time? It’s not like performing her new song will help. Remember at the 1999 Grammys she performed her then-upcoming single “Nothing Really Matters” and it flopped at #98? It just goes to show that you can perform on a TV show where a billion people will be watching, but even then if a song isn’t good, people still aren’t going to buy it.

My biggest question is will she be woman enough to stay for the whole show to watch Mariah win all of her awards? Will she just perform and leave, or will she stay to watch Mariah win awards that Madonna will probably never win again? Will she accept the fact the Mariah has taken over the pop world in the US and will she be able to put on a brave face and smile and clap along with everyone else in the arena or will she be a sore loser and be bitter?

It should be interesting to watch this Wednesday to see how Madonna will react to seeing Mariah take over the 2006 Grammy Awards and better yet, to see if she’s woman enough to stay the whole show.

Madonna Says Marriage Trouble Claims Are ‘So Not True’

February 4, 2006 – Madonna and hubby Guy Ritchie enjoyed a night out at Mayfair restaurant on Thursday night as the couple tried to squash reports that she had a “special working relationship” with her musical collaborator Stuart Price. The Material Girl’s spokesperson said reports of marital problems are “so not true”, according to the singer. “It is fair to say their relationship has been under huge strain because of Madonna’s excessive workload recently,” a source said. “She has thrown herself 100 percent into promoting her album and has little time left to spend with Guy. But he’ll get over it.” The story at thesun.co.uk has since been removed.

Madonna’s ‘Special Relationship’ At Guy’s Expense?

February 3, 2006 – Friends tell The Mirror that Madonna’s “special working relationship” with her producer Stuart Price that has sparked fresh fears over her marriage to Guy Ritchie. One said Guy “feels totally hemmed in by her career at the moment. It’s as if work is the only thing that interests her. He’s spending a lot of time at home alone, except when the children are around.” The article at Mirror.co.uk has since been removed.

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  1. pedro says:

    aparently your just another fat cow like Mariah Carey ’cause you support her

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