Why Jennifer Lopez Almost ‘Completed’ Tom Cruise

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Just days before her impromptu marriage to Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez sat down and opened up to Marie Claire magazine about beauty, priorities and her whirlwind year. When asked about her famous Latin figure, J.Lo said she never considered the fact that her assets were bigger than most. “My impression of what was beautiful was what I saw in my own neighborhood…I felt normal, not big and certainly, the men loved that,” she revealed. As far as a life that has included several marriages, a few divorces and an over-the-top romance with Ben Affleck, Lopez took full responsibility for her actions. “I’m not going to blame anyone for the things I’ve gone through in my life,” she said. “I have to look at myself and say, ‘Okay, what have I don’t to contribute to this?'”

Jennifer Lopez Acts Like She’s Pregnant

July 21, 2004 – In Touch magazine reports that Jennifer’s recent behavior is making pals believe the singer is pregnant. “She is totally making every attempt to remove physical stress from her daily life,” one friend said. “She’s lounging around and doing it with a smile.” The wife of Marc Anthony is also “reading a lot about nutrition” and has hired an interior designer to develop a baby suite in her $9.5 million Miami mansion. “She wants the baby suite to be simple yet luxurious, and with amazing technology. Let’s just say, she plans on having her eyes on the baby no matter where she is.”

Marc Anthony And Jennifer Lopez Are Homebodies

July 20, 2004 – Marc has been spotted spending most days on the set with wife Jennifer as she films ‘Monster-in-Law’ with Jane Fonda. But what about the nights? “They just like cuddling at home and spending time together,” People magazine Senior Editor Julie Dam tells ‘Extra’. “When they are at home, he often brings out his guitar and strums and sings along while they are talking.”

Is Jennifer Lopez Pregnant?

July 16, 2004 – People magazine’s Senior Editor Julie Dam spoke with ‘Extra’ about their report suggesting Jennifer may be pregnant. “A friend of Jennifer and Marc’s says she’s told her close family members — her dad, her mom, and her sister — that she is expecting,” Dam said. But others close to Jennifer, like her personal trainer, aren’t so sure. “He just says that she still has a flat stomach,” Dam said. “And there’s still no signs of a baby.”

Nick Cannon Says Working With Jennifer Lopez Was Great

July 13, 2004 – Contributed by lopez_lover: Actor and singer Nick Cannon, who plays in ‘Shall We Dance?’ a young private investigator, said that working with Jennifer was and incredible experience and a lot of fun. “It was great. That was probably one of the greatest experiences for me. We really only worked together, I think, for two days. Those were the best two days of my life,” Cannon said with a huge smile. “She has that aura. I understand why her perfume is called Glow because when she comes in a room, she just lights it up. It’s cool.” Read more.

The Many Styles Of Jennifer Lopez

July 12, 2004 – Her star style ranges from hip-hop to high fashion. And in addition to natural beauty Jennifer’s success in music and film, she’s also become a sexy, style icon. “She’s the sexiest woman in Hollywood,” Suze Yalof, executive fashion editor for Glamour magazine, told ‘Extra’. And although Lopez claims her looks is, “sometimes more rock ‘n roll glam and sometimes more elegant and sophisticated,” this star can make any look dazzle.

In Style In Trouble With Jennifer Lopez?

July 12, 2004 – The New York Daily News reports that while In Style is claiming to have an exclusive interview with Jennifer about her wedding to Marc Anthony, her rep Leslie Sloan Zelnick said it never took place. Zelnick says J.Lo spoke once to In Style, as well as to Marie Claire, for a September cover, but did not discuss her marital status with either magazine. A spy said, “Someone’s head is going to roll over this, and it’ll probably be at In Style.”

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