Why Justin Timberlake Agreed To William Rast Clothing Line

Groovevolt.com reports that when Justin Timberlake was asked why he was getting into the fashion business at this time with pal Trace Ayala, the star said, “Somebody came to me and said, ‘Hey, there’s this guy that wants to do a clothing line with you.’ I said, absolutely no way. I don’t want to do that.” The singer became more interested after speaking with Ayala. “I started talking with Trace and I knew he wanted to do something like this for a long time. He would take jeans and redo them, put stitches in them for me for events. We started talking about it and then went back to Danny. We said that if we could do it our way, in a way that’s authentic and genuine to us, we’d do it.”

The story at Groovevolt.com has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Why Justin Timberlake Agreed To William Rast Clothing Line

  1. hedieh says:

    that’s just great..for both of them!

  2. chasezsmells says:

    it’s endearing and disgusting at the same time

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