Why, Justin Timberlake, Why?

Am I the only one that thinks that when the going gets tough, gets going? Immediately after he, literally, ripped part of ’s clothes (rather he meant to or not), Justin is seen as a proud pop star, describing the experience as “any man’s dream.” However, when people react, and badly at that, the star blames it all on Janet and tries to save his a**. This is another case of a person turning on the people who helped him become famous. On Justin’s CD ‘Justified’, almost all of his music is produced by Timbaland or the Neptunes. You can literally call his CD another Neptunes CD. However, when one of his beloved sistas gets in trouble, he tries to isolate himself away from the problem as much as he can. That is surely an jacka**. Justin, I have lost all of my respect for you.

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