Why Kate Nash Doesn’t Care About Being Sexy

Kate Nash

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@katenashmusic) on Thursday (March 4), discussing some interviews she did with media in Germany, including one who asked why she hadn’t don’t any sexy photoshoot before. The British indie pop singer writes:

Just back from Berlin, did a bunch of interviews out there, lots of fun talking about myself for 2 days. You really start to hate the fact that you have a tongue that moves and noise comes out.

One dude asked me why I’ve never done a scandalous photo shoot and how come I don’t care about being sexy? I’m like ‘err because I think that perhaps it might slightly detract from the fact that I’m always trying to prove that i have a brain as well as breasts.’ Geez.

Also getting your ‘t*ts’ out doesn’t instantly make you an interesting person. And we don’t all have to be sexy do we? I mean just because I have a v*gina [censored because of search engine image filters] doesn’t make it my call of duty to care about having sex appeal.

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