Why Kylie Minogue Dumped Olivier Martinez

News of the World reports dumped lover Olivier Martinez in a furious argument about his womanizing, a friend of the singer tells News of the World. “They’ve been arguing over her plans to start a family,” a pal explained. “Because of her breast cancer, Kylie feels the best way is through adoption, but Olivier refused. He still feels he can be a natural father to his children and refused to entertain her talk of adoption. To Kylie that was heartbreaking. She wants her man to feel the same way that she does about children. Eventually she couldn’t take it any more. She is sick of reading about his liaisons with other beautiful women. Although Olivier denies he was cheating, she was becoming paranoid and feels she has lost all trust.”

Kylie’s Busy Schedule Prompts Health Worries

A source close to Kylie Minogue’s medical team has gone public to The Sunday Mirror to voice her serious concern over the singer’s relentless schedule while doctors have advised the singer to get some rest. The source hopes it will encourage Kylie, 38, to see sense – “We all love Kylie. She is a very nice, caring person. But she seems to be ignoring medical advice time and time again. She should be nurturing herself, looking after number one. Instead she changes her plans at the last minute to fly halfway round the world. The harsh fact is she’s not out of the woods yet, and she cannot keep up this pace much longer. It’s as if because she’s famous she thinks she’s immortal. Without a doubt, stress is a contributing factor to this type of cancer.”

The full story at sundaymirror.co.uk has since been removed.

Kylie Seeks Botty Double

January 21, 2007 – is searching for a body double to take her place in an all action film shoot to promote her new clothing range. The candidate must match her frame and have a gorgeous, pert bottom just like the star. “It’s a tough challenge. Kylie’s so tiny and her figure is hard to match,” a source told The People. “But there’s no way that Kylie could take it on herself.”

Kylie Reschedules Manchester Shows

January 15, 2007 – posted the following statement on her official web site on Monday (January 15): “After being forced to pull out early from Saturday night’s Showgirl Homecoming performance at the Manchester Evening News Arena due to a moderately severe respiratory tract infection, doctors have today insisted that Kylie Minogue ‘not perform in the immediate future’. Accordingly tonight (15/1) and Tuesday (16/1) night’s shows will not take place. Promoters are hoping to re-schedule at the earliest opportunity. We currently anticipate that Thursday and Friday nights shows will not be affected. Whilst we await the all clear from her doctors we, wish Kylie a speedy recovery and hope to be able to confirm her return to the stage soon.” Later in the day, the singer announced her January 15th show was rescheduled to January 21st, while the January 16th show was pushed back to January 22nd. They added, “Please note, there is still no news about the show that was cut short on Saturday 13 January.”

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