Why Lindsay Lohan Showed Abuse In New Video

Lindsay Lohan 'A Little More Personal (Raw)'

OK! magazine caught up with for an extensive Q&A and asked the teen queen why she chose to show the actor playing her father Michael abusing abusing the actress playing her mother Dina in her new video for ‘Confessions Of A Broken Heart’.

“Because it really happened,” Lohan responded. “I wrote the directions for every single shot based on reality. It’s a look into my personal space, and I’m inviting everyone to see what has really happened in my life. As crazy and glamorous as my life might be at times, life contradicts itself in a lot of ways. My life has been one of those examples. Behind the glamor, no one really knows what’s going on with me personally at home and what I’ve gone through. I have explored the options of how to put that to rest, and I decided this was the best way to do it.”

Leno And O’Brien Target In Nearly Identical Jokes

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “Today the king of Saudi Arabia — they’re really moving forward in that country. They’re making great strides, the Saudis. He said they’re now considering allowing women to drive in Saudi Arabia. Well, except for Lindsay Lohan.”

And Conan O’Brien offered a similar take on his ‘Late Night’ monologue an hour later, joking, “Tonight on ’20/20′, Barbara Walters interviews the new king of Saudi Arabia about women’s rights. Walters asked why the king doesn’t let women drive cars. Yeah. The king answered with two words. ‘Lindsay Lohan’.”

Returns Behind The Wheel

Lindsay Lohan, with a face like thunder, was videotaped behind the wheel again, this time in an SUV, in Hollywood on Wednesday night (October 12). The teen queen’s male companion laid on the horn to clear paparazzi out of the way before she drove off. As she drove off, paparazzi could be heard warning to stay out of the way because of Lohan’s accident prone driving record, though both recent accidents were deemed to be the fault of the other driver involved. Video from Lulop.com has since been removed.

A Hot Day In LA

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night, “It was hot today, around 94. People were sweatin’ like Lindsay Lohan trying to get car insurance.”

Lindsay Lohan Passed Over For Her Mother

The National Enquirer reports that Lindsay Lohan had her eyes gazed on a handsome thirtysomething stranger at Butter, who finally approached and handed the teen queen his phone number. But the guy explained that while he thought she was adorable, she was far too young for him – but not for Lindsay’s mother Dina. “Lindsay was kinda bummed,” giggled a pal. “But she quickly rebounded and later handed the number over to her mom Dina.”

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  1. astrange1 says:

    Yeah, that and the fact that it might generate a little interest in an album that is soft considering her debut tanked after a couple of weeks.

  2. NocturnalRomance says:

    Awww the little drama queen wants to gain the public’s sympathy :( It didn’t work for sexy Christina and wont work for you..sucks.

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