Why Lisa Marie Stopped Having Sex With Jacko

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue last night, “Lisa Marie Presley told Rolling Stone magazine, great interview this month, that she and had sex in the beginning of their marriage, but then they just stopped. She said she couldn’t dress up like a cub scout anymore.”

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38 thoughts on “Why Lisa Marie Stopped Having Sex With Jacko

  1. michelle says:

    what do you mean by cub scout.

  2. mary says:

    Jay Leno’s face looks like a banana so he should shut up and stop talking about people.

  3. nikki says:


  4. keke says:

    yeah well Jay Leno wouldn’t like it if he was made fun Michael is a better man than he’ll EVER be and he knows it an so does the world

  5. Applehead says:

    Lisa Marie probably never had a better lover than Michael Jackson. You could tell by the way she answered the fans question on whether or not they were intimate, on the Diane Sawyer interviews, (Yes, yes, YES!) that Michael rocked her world in bed. Michael was a perfectionist in everything he did, so he would have made sure to make it good for her. Although I feel he may have married her on the rebound for another woman. According to his taped conversations that are now available on the web, he was intensely in love with another woman just months before marrying Lisa Marie. And I believe he was in love with this woman through out his marriage to Lisa Marie.

  6. cc says:

    um Lisa and Michael never had sex

  7. Katie says:

    Did you mean a ‘club scout’ as in one of those girls that sells cookies at your door? I’m sure this is a lie.

  8. darkangel says:

    Lisa Presley is a spoiled brat. Even if that were true, about the cub scout thing, why did she have to tell the world?? What you do in the bedroom with your husband is private. I don’t think that ever happened, why would he ask her to do that knowing it might get out to the media????

  9. melsa says:

    Jay Leno’s f’n gay.
    Mary, your comment cracks the hell out of me.
    a banana? gotta love people.
    ‘specially Michael! <3333

  10. Dior says:

    darkangel…that was Jay Leno’s stupid joke. Lisa never said that Michael had her dress up like a Cub Scout, at least not to Rolling Stone Magazine. Jokes from idiots like Leno have plagued Michael’s life since he was little. Unfortunately, people tend to believe all of the crazy, insane things about him, but they never take the time to check the validity of what is said. The sad part is, the malicious venom of others swayed the way Lisa started to feel about the man she married. Sadly, his death was the antidote she needed to bring her back around and understand what she had given up. But now it’s too late!

  11. maureen says:

    its crap just so more people can crap on Michael, and Lisa Marie can to because he’s gone. That just tells you that the marriage didn’t mean that much to her,right.that she lied in all the other interviews.remember he never had a girlfriend and parents didn’t tell him about life itself and he was shy .to bad people have to be so mean dead or alive.he has gone through a lot and the TV shows and papers just keep going with there crap.

  12. maureen says:

    think of the kids and what they may see and hear about their father. Jay Leno needs to have him fired from his show because this and others are just showing our kids to make fun of people.parents you are worried about Michael’s songs,you should be more worried about shows like this and hard rock stars. Watch them sometimes and see. Micheal is innocent.think about that little girl that stayed in the back yard with that man,people that is a pervert.

  13. maureen says:

    other book called Michael Jackson conspiracy that is on the internet. Also Maury Povich is stating on the internet that Matrin Bashir didn’t show all this tapes and can watch this on the internet that tells Michael didn’t do all bad things.so what he had plastic surgery, he had vitiligo look up the word,he wasn’t hiding it if you watch his video you will see it.who cares if his kids are white or black other people kids come out one of each color.so what if he is a virgin and the way he had his kids, a lot of other people do worse thing,at least he loved them think of all the worse stars you can and then think of Michael and everything good and bad and he isn’t that bad of a person is he?

  14. JOJO says:

    DUDE IT IS JUST A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Dani says:

    I don’t care what that bitch says I would dress up as what ever he wanted me to dress as he’s sexy and he knows it he could have any women he wanted sh** I’ll play good cop bad cop with him or dress like bad school girl if he wanted I’ll let him wipe me if I miss behave I like it rough if any body wants to talk about how sexy Michael Joesph Jackson is then E-Mail me

  16. Tanya says:

    I don’t believe that. I mean as if! She probably stopped having sex with him because she refused to have his babies and that would have caused things to go sour for sure…especially knowing how much Michael wanted kids and a family of his own. According to the playboy interview LMP did, she ‘likes sex rough; like they do on pornos’. Now listen to MJ’s lyrics on the song Break of Dawn. I’ll bet you MJ was really sensual and erotic in bed who actually made love to a woman as opposed to f**k her. Maybe that’s what Lisa couldn’t take, because she preferred to be treated like a porn star in bed! How shallow and especially for broadcasting it. But that’s just it, I think LMP and MJ were like chalk and cheese about most things. He was always composed, classy and a complete gentleman, she always appeared moody, angry, immature, disinterested in him and even now- can’t resist cursing EVERY other word!…Not very feminine. Don’t get me wrong I’m liberal minded but I think they couldn’t have been more wrong for each other from the start. And yes I agree, MJ oozed sex appeal, was unbelievably gorgeous and sexy- even in his Ebony photo shoot, and he was 49 then! Well its LMP’s loss!

  17. Astrid says:


    Lisa was not swayed as she wants people to believe. She’s a very strong minded person and has done as she pleases her entire life. She’s playing the victim card here.
    While MJ has class I think he tried to be civil when she decided she wanted back and he wouldn’t take her back she started the trashing campaign against him and waited until his trial to do it.
    Break of Dawn is not about this trashy woman.

  18. Deborah says:

    Michael Jackson loved Lisa Marie and she loved him.Yes they had problems but she still loved him and I recall that she said that their love life was good between them.But He wanted children very soon after they married and she was not ready to have them.She was 25 and already had two children.And she was afraid if the marriage did not last that Michael would try to take the children that they would of had together away from her.There was a lot of out side interference also going on when they got married all kinds of allegations about Michael,And Lisa still married him even during this.So I know she loved Michael.But also Debbie Rowe told Michael if Lisa would not have his children right then that she would,So He told that to Lisa.What would you do if your husband said that to you?I think Michael should have been patent with Lisa,And they would probably be Married now and have a bunch of kids.And he would probably be together now.They were very much in love you can tell that during their interviews together, Love you Michael rest in peace.

  19. Astris says:

    Michael could have been patient for the rest of his life LM did NOT want his children.
    When she realized she made a mistake and was embarrassed, the excuse she came up with to save face is “wanting to see how the marriage would go”.
    She should have just told the man the truth. Lies contributed to the fast demise of the marriage. Here we are in 2009 and she’s still trying to save the only person she cares about- Herself.
    There are some of us who are not fooled. It didn’t work out so move on.

  20. Deee says:

    I’m a MJ fan and I think they were just friends the whole time and their marriage was a lie. Did they have sex? Who knows, maybe they did a few times for the hell of it but I doubt it was like LMP says it was. They certainly weren’t romantic lovers. Anyway Jay Leno is an ass!

  21. Karen says:

    Jay Leno is a pig, gaining his living from trashing people and especially Michael. He has no class at all. This was a stupid “joke” which is NOT at all funny, it is insulting for Michael.

    As for LMP, her marriage to Michael was real. They did have sex and it has been said that he was very passionate in bed. If you notice the sexy moves he made on stage then it is easy to see that if he made similar moves in the bedroom, then it would be very passionate.

    I didn’t know that LMP liked sex rough. I do know that she lost her virginity at the age of 14 and that she once had a lesbian encounter at the age of 17. Now I can understand having a past, we all have something in our lives that is less than perfect, but to broadcast it on television to a lowlife like Howard Stern is just plain sickening.

    Lisa Marie was no good for Michael. She was a spoiled rich girl who never earned her fame or fortune. She only inherited it. Michael on the other hand worked hard for it all his life. He earned it.

    Personally, I think that the idea of her being married to Michael Jackson made her feel like she could not only be the daughter of Elvis, but would gain even more notoriety by being married to MJ. She was out for herself and herself only. Michael on the other hand was a loving kind man who cared more about helping others than thinking of himself. She couldn’t handle it. She didn’t have patience with him about his childhood and when he wanted to help other children, she got upset. I even heard that she hung up on a little girl who called Michael. This upset MJ very much. This and the fact that she refused to have his kids made the marriage go sour real fast.

    So then she goes on television and trashes Michael. Not a very wise thing to do considering there are so many fans that love him. Now she has no career to speak of and I think that karma has given her a big bite.

    She says that she tried to save him. Oh please… what a crock. She is just covering her own butt.

    It was Liz Taylor that got him into rehab and when he came back, Lisa Marie tried to keep Michael from her. Sounds like she was jealous of his influence and her help.

    Michael did love her, but love can be terribly blind, and since LMP seemed to show real interest, he trusted her and thought she was sincere. She broke his heart. Then they stay friends after the divorce and she visits him while he is on the “Dangerous” tour. LMP wanted him back, she knew what she lost, but it was too late. Michael had turned his heart from her, although he still was a friend to her.

    Poor Michael, he had such an innocent heart and she trashed it.

  22. Karen says:

    Dee: Why do you find it so hard to believe that MJ and LMP had sex? They were married, and Michael was very much in love. Michael was a very passionate man in everything he did, he gave everything his all. Why should it be any different in his marriage to LMP? He after all loved her completely, although blindly.

  23. lightbright says:

    Are you people crazy? MJ and Lisa Marie Presley never had sex. He was gay and most likely a pedophile.
    Haven’t you people heard of the term “spin”? MJ and LMP wanted people to believe they had sex so that he would not look like he was a child molester and thus they put the word out there. Every public person uses spin to project a certain image to the public. None of that stuff is real! He used LMP as a beard. They had some sort of contractual agreement to benefit both of them.
    My god people, how naive can you be?

  24. indi says:

    what!? I didn’t know MJ was that kind of person! I mean those dance moves do look like sex moves, but I can’t imagine him doing them on someone! but I guess they probably did because they were married. and to lightbright, don’t ever say that about mj! you are probably the gay one! hahahahahahahahaha! now what!?

  25. Karen says:

    Lightbright doesn’t know what she/he is talking about. You can clearly see in pictures that MJ and LMP were in love, you can’t fake that kind of thing. Some people would not know the truth if it fell in their lap. Besides LMP is known to be a very sexual woman and there is no way in hell she would be married to MJ or anyone else without having an active sex life. Obviously this Lightbright person doesn’t know any facts on their marriage or on the allegations. If she/he did, she would know that he was innocent

  26. emily says:

    Hey Michael J had making love Before I’m sure What about his Other wife

  27. Tanya says:

    W.T.F Lightbright, are YOU crazy!!! I think everyone is aware of the term Spin and what it means, but this seriously does not justify your concept of what MJ and LMP’s marriage was about. (sure, there would have been some PR spin going on there, after all they were a showbiz couple), but Puh-leeez -‘MJ was gay and a pedophile’! What rock have you been living under.
    A word of advice: change your name to LightDim.

  28. Jay says:

    That bitch who called MJ a pedo and gay, how can he be gay and fu** little kids?? do you know how dumb and down right stupid you sound! Lol, fu** Lisa marie, I mean I like her but I HATE her! she looks like a sexual women and likes sex rough, but its obvious that she and mike has sex a lot and he turned her on, I mean she was very obsessed with the man after they divorce! She missed the sex and the intimacy between them. MJ was always on fire though..lol

  29. Astris says:

    We know MJ was not gay. But it’s unfortunate that some choose to label him without getting facts. LM didn’t help by calling him names in interviews and on tv, even though she said they had sex.

  30. Astris says:


    She’s doing the best performance of her life now. Pretending to be the grieving widow, insulting his fans by telling them they leave the mausoleum to bare. We were there when she was on TV and doing interviews.
    What she is doing is called image control. She has been blasted and she has to answer to the 85 percent shareholders in Presley enterprises as well as people who have called her on hypocrisy. Randy and some of the others may “embrace” her, but some of them were no friend to Michael either.
    He was straight and kind enough not to talk about her.
    Lisa is very street and still has a wild side. She should worry about Lockwood. I hate to say this, but I wish Debbie would demand her visiting rights or take Katherine back to court.

  31. Tanya says:

    Yes I agree, one would wonder why LMP doesn’t seem all that concerned about her current husband (Lockwood) at the moment, but instead has STILL been obsessing about Michael Jackson. Ive recently heard (although aware that it may not be true), that LMP contacted MJ through a medium in Feb and that she was fussing round his burial site with silk sunflowers @ Forrest Lawn encouraging MJ’s fans to buy silk sunflowers and put them near his mausoleum. (because she claims they were his favorite flowers).
    It does look as if she is an attention-seeking drama queen, putting on the performance of her life…or she is doing all this through sheer guilt because of the way she treated MJ when he was alive.
    All I can say is I hope LMPs current hubby (Lockwood)is understanding, because he might be forgiven for thinking that LMP is completely obsessed with, and still in love with Michael Jackson!

  32. Astris says:

    I think she has already talked to Lockwood and explained that she has to do this as she bashed him and it could hurt them financially. he has supported her and she calls him her soulmate. I think she has found the person she can live with the rest of her life.
    As for flowers- silk flowers are not allowed at Forest Lawn. Maybe at Graceland but not there and I know this for a fact.
    Furthermore, I will never be directed by her on what to leave or take Michael. His favorite flower per he and his daughter are roses. This just shows she didn’t know Michael at all. If you look at the pics of his house Neverland and even in hotels there were never sunflowers. If he loved sunflowers they would have been included in the countless floral tributes he got. His casket spray has roses in one and roses and orchards in another. She was so busy being sneaky she didn’t realize that the fans know Michael as good as anyone.
    She seems to tear down the ivory tower. The Jackson’s should use sense and stop this unless she threaten to slander him.

  33. Cynthia says:

    She’s full of BS.

  34. kyonna says:

    i don’t care I just want to know how good he had sex rough or slow whatever

  35. esa says:

    I love MJ, so please don’t say bad things about him. MJ R.I.P

  36. dyna carolina says:

    has it ever occurred to anybody…..i mean think about it……she was in England by the time mj pass…….make this equation….mj was supposed to be in England performing if not for his sudden and sadden passing….

  37. JOYETHBENT says:


  38. JOYETHBENT says:

    you idiots are all jealous Lisa gets the penis inside her MJ did not want you.

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