Why M2M Was Pulled Out Of The Tour With Jewel

Contributed by Zeph:

Someone who is associated with has told me the excuses Atlantic Records as to why they were pulled out of their concert. One excuse Atlantic gave them was that the economy was the reason they were pulled out of the tour. Another excuse was record sales. Now does Atlantic think we are that stupid to believe the economy thing? Do they really think Marion and Marit are that dumb? Why don’t the execs at Atlantic tell the truth.

The only reason they pulled out of the tour was because of money. M2M wasn’t making them enough money. The filthy rich executives didn’t think M2M went platinum and gold enough with TBR for their greedy tastes. All they cared about was quick money. And on top of that Atlantic didn’t promote them enough. Tell me how many times you have seen M2M new videos on MTV or MMUSA? See what I mean. Atlantic didn’t give them enough exposure. I haven’t even heard any of M2M’s newer songs on the radio. I guess it is up to fans like me to support M2M since Atlantic Records is not doing their job. And if the rumor is true that Atlantic may drop them from the label that will not be in Atlantic’s best interest. Because if M2M signs with a record company that is willing to work hard to promote M2M, it will be Atlantic’s loss when M2M is at the top of the charts.

If any of you are interested in helping come to SuperM2M

There you can participate in many ways to support M2M and bring new ideas with you on how to support them in this group. Just join the group and ask any questions you want.

Marit and/or Marion if you end up seeing this I want you to know that we will not stop being fans no matter what. Atlantic may not care about you, but we do. Never give up no matter what happens.

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