Why Madonna’s ‘Confessions’ Is Good But Not Great

Contributed anonymously:

I been noticing a lot of fans praising Madonna’s new album as a “classic.” I just want to say that I am proud of Madonna. Who cares if she’s a legend or not (sorry but some of you guys focus on that too much that it’s ridiculous!), the woman knows what she’s doing and always has. Her new album IS doing well on the charts, regardless if some of you don’t want to realize it or not. But as good as Confessions on a Dance Floor is, I think some of you fans are kind of exaggerating by calling it a classic. Yes, the album has sold a lot, and this album has proclaimed that Madonna is still Madonna, on top of the world, and can still make a hit record in a music business that’s dominated by much younger artists. But that alone does not make it a classic, or even a “classic in the making.” A classic album has to be something memorable. For example, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon or the Beatles Srgt. Pepper, those are classics because the image, the songs, their longevity, and the album itself are memorable and are listened to by many generations.

Now out of all the great albums and “classic” songs that has made (albums like “Ray of Light,” “Like a Prayer,” or songs like “Vogue,” “Erotica,” “Take A Bow,” etc.), why would Confessions at this point be a classic in the making? Sure, many songs were great, but not all of them are memorable. Hook Up was a nice single too, but I doubt that people will remember that song over “Like a Prayer” and “Vogue” 10 years from now. For the most part I thought Confession was much better than American Life (and more successful), but sometimes a guilty pleasure. Picturing the songs being played in a nightclub makes me cringe. It’s fun to dance to some of the songs on it, but Confessions is not a “listen all day every day until it burns in my record player” album or something that I will remember and cherish out of all the other great records that made Madonna a star. Quite simply this album is just good, but not GREAT. It’s one of the best albums of the year.

I wasn’t trying to hate on you fans that really liked it and hope it will be a classic, but seriously, give it a break! If this album were out 5 years ago and still being played on radio stations and CD players, sure, keep it going, but it has only been a few months! I doubt that people praised Dark Side of the Moon as a classic after just a few months. Listen to the album for what it is. It’s fun and cheeky dance music, nothing more or less. And of course there were plenty of great songs on there (like Sorry and Isaac), but it’s nothing sooo memorable that we need to get all excited. Give it credit for the credit that is due, but until then, have fun listening to the music, please stop focusing so much on Mariah and judge on who’s a legend and who’s not (seriously folks, does it matter?), and while you are at it, broaden your horizons. There is more to music than record sales, legendary statuses, and Mariah and Madonna in this world. Au revoir (et au bientot), adios (hasta luego), chao, buh-bye.

P.S. Je ne suis pas sur(e) porqoui, mais etre anonymous est tres cool! HAHAHA! Et j’aime tout la monde. :) Et j’aime Madonna et Mariah beaucoup, alor…et oui, je suis du Paris et je suis francaise et americaine, mais j’habite dans America por quatre annee.

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