Why Michelle Branch Won’t Have A Future In The Music Biz

Contributed Anonymously:

As a former fan and an ex-member of her now-defunct message board, I personally feel that she may no longer have a future in the music business. Recalling the things I’ve read from her old message board I’ve came up with some reasons why:

1) With her new group The Wreckers, she’s trying to pursue a more mature image and sound. This may turn off many of her fans who preferred the upbeat poppy vibe of “The Spirit Room” and most of the songs from “Hotel Paper” (save for the songs “Empty Handed” and “Love Me Like That”, the two blandest songs on HP in my opinion). As for the pundits who dislike her and have written her off as ‘bubblegum pop/rock’, they will probably do the same to the Wreckers without even giving them a try, simply because Michelle is part of the band.

2) Her recent attitude towards some of her fans. In the last days of the MBMB I’ve read complaints from hurt fans saying that she had turned them away from getting her autograph. She’d also had fans kicked out of one concert just for asking what had happened to her old band members after she’d had them replaced with associates of her now-husband/bassist Teddy Landau. Seems that ever since she got together with Landau her relations with her fans have been on the decline.

3) The aforementioned romance with Teddy Landau itself. She’d made the mistake of going public with the relationship in late 2003, thus not only costing her some male fans such as myself, but also decimating the chance of her getting a lot of new male fans. Let’s face it – if you’re a young attractive female celebrity who happens to be in a serious romance, but you want to maintain your male fan base and not upset them by going public with the romance, then it’s probably best to keep your mouth shut about your love life.

Taking into account all these factors, I believe that neither Michelle nor The Wreckers may reclaim the popularity that Michelle had once had back in her glory days. I’m not saying that The Wreckers or any other future endeavors that Michelle gets involved in will fail, but they will not be as successful as the music of “The Spirit Room” or “Hotel Paper” was.

Oh, and one last personal unrelated note: Keep in mind the name MORGAN WEBB; there happens to be someone with that name who may eventually become the future of Young Hollywood.

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