Why Shakira Learned English

Barranquilla born Shakira

Fiona Sturges of the Independent caught up with , who denied that she learned English only to launch a mainstream music career. “It’s about being exposed to new cultures. It’s about building bridges,” she explained. “It’s also given me an opportunity to grow as a person. People say you are what you eat. I prefer to think that you are what you’ve seen and the people you’ve been with. Being able to travel is one of the greatest things that has happened to me.”

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2 thoughts on “Why Shakira Learned English

  1. hooker says:

    shake shake shake your booty, shakira, like Ricky martin. lol ***** I honestly think, that, is not his girlfriend. those rumors, about, nick-jessica-adam, are false, because, it was reported, on access hollywood, all the parties, involved, referring, to nick-misskentucky, jessica-adam, have denied it, and, I believed them all. I honestly, don’t think, these four, are going to eat, or, change their words. remember, their credibility, is AT STAKE. I honestly, believed, access hollywood, is, being fair to all, nick-misskentucky, jessica-adam. don’t be so obsessed and, make a big issue, of, it. no big deal, ya!!

  2. estephania says:

    You’re showing your ignorance again, when are you going to learn…?’, ‘She didn’t copy anyone and you know it. Beyonce would actually be the one to copy Shakira! I’ve explained this to you many times and yet you seem not to be able to understand basic concepts. Stop making an ass of yourself by being so blatantly ignorant and actually learn about what you are trying to talk about.

    Learning different languages does open many doors to many new experiences, I speak German and I am starting to learn Spanish and it’s wonderful. Everyone should be at least bilingual, in my opinion. Shakira was also an inspiration for me to start belly dancing and explore Arabic dance culture. Those kinds of things really open up your mind and change you for the better.

    I just read that whole article and the interviewer was really good. Critical and honest but fair. I just love how Shakira comes across in interviews, she’s awesome.

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