Why Success Has Eluded Christina Aguilera

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Why is Christina Aguilera still not successful? Contemporaries have moved on, and yet this Poor Man’s Britney Spears is still struggling to carve a niche for herself. There are three simple reasons:

1. LACK OF ORIGINALITY. In the Britney era, we saw the rise of Britney copycats like Mandy Moore and Jessica Simpson. Of course, Christina was THE arch nemesis. After the Britney era, Mandy found her niche in the movies and Jessica in reality TV. They were able to move on. Meanwhile, Christina decided that she was gonna be Mariah and/or Alicia Keys. And then she changed her mind. All of a sudden, she was emulating The Corpse circa the Erotica/Sex period, saying things that The Corpse have said regarding that period in her like like pushing boundaries and experimenting with sexuality. Now she’s “cleaned up,” emulating the like of Ella Fitzgerald and Lena Horne. Why has success eluded Floptina? Because she has NO originality. In this business, you gotta be your own creation, otherwise, you will be forgotten.

2. LACK OF DIRECTION. In almost ten years time, Floptina has released only a few albums. While some may see this as a good thing, it really reflects a lack of direction. Just look at her catalog and you’ll see how confused she is in what direction to take musically. Are you gonna be a pop princess, a singer of standards and Christmas songs, a Latina singer? This is NOT versatility: it’s just copying what other artists are doing at the moment.

3. THE AURA OF NEGATIVITY. In this department, Christina is queen. Never has there been a celebrity who has been maligned, hated and made3 fun of than this one. She should be called The Nega-star! (The NEGAtive Star!). People, whether celebrities or civilians, do not like Christina Aguilera.

These are the reasons why Christina hasn’t been successful yet. And because of them, it’s highly likely that she will never be.

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One thought on “Why Success Has Eluded Christina Aguilera

  1. PoorFloptina says:

    Great analysis.. I don’t even know the songs of hers, and never seen her on the newspapers,news etc. She has no X factor or attitude, and will never be successful

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