Why We Like Christina Aguilera Or Britney Spears

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DISCLAIMER: If you don’t like essays for the sake of not liking essays, that’s cool but this may resemble an essay at some point! Oh and those who like and Christina Aguilera, this doesn’t really apply to you.

OK, a lot of reviews, commentary has been been bandied about either on Christina or Britney individually or comparing them. Then we all comment on them and some of us go a little psycho, lol. We hurl insults at the each other *giggle* and some try to justify why they like Britney or Christina. Maybe the ones who only like one or the other will never come to some kind of understanding because of the following reasons.

A Britney fan might say, “Britney is beautiful, fit and nice. She is a great entertainer, (not a singer) who puts on a massive stage show. She has good songs: light, breezy and fun to dance to. I don’t want to hear songs about personal suffering…I just want something fun that I can dance to at a club. Also Britney can dance like a demon, which is why she lip-synchs”

A Christina fan might say (I admit being a Christina fan, I have more insight into this), “Christina is talented with THAT voice. She co-writes, co-produces deep and personal songs and you know this is her, this is who she is. Stripped was amazing. She is an artist or at the very least is working towards being an artist. Sure some people say she can’t dress and she talks about her fellow singers but that’s what we like about her- she is honest and doesn’t care about what people think. She talks/sings about women’s issues articulately and works towards equality through her actions, presentation and music.”

Am I telling you guys not to fight? No, because you’ve seen my comments. Am I telling you guys not to compare? No way, I do it too. I’m just saying that maybe Britney fans and Christina fans will never meet in the middle because this entertainer and artist (we know whom I’m talking about) are just on opposite sides of the music spectrum.

OK, carry on arguing now, lol.

P.S. No matter even if you’ve met them, you’ll never know who they are as people, so the nice/nasty arguments are invalid.

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