Why? Why? Why?

Alright, I hate essays as much as the rest of you… but I’m bored…and sick of everyone writing essays asking the same question, so I’m going to attempt some answers, not speaking for everyone, just sharing my observations.

‘Why does everyone take everything so seriously?’ , ‘Why do people here care so much about / / whoever’ etc. — I don’t think that it’s just obsessive fans (although there are a few here), I mean how many people do you know who so refuse to hear anything bad about their idol? It’s more about the other people on this site. There were a few intense stalkers here, who knew how to push all the right buttons. The over-the-top Britney fans drove the normal Christina fans crazy and the over-the-top Christina fans drove the Britney fans crazy. So now everyone has just become instinctively protective of their favorite singer to counter the ‘haters’ who are bound to bash every thing they do.

‘Why are people on this site so mean to each other?’, ‘Why does everything have to get so personally?’ — I’m sorry but it is the people who ask those types of whiny questions that really drive me mad. This is not a fan site. There are fans of everyone on this site, and each person is entitled to their own opinions. Yeah, sometimes it gets vicious but it’s all in good fun. Some blow off steam. Some just find immature or obsessive fans extremely irritating and easy to annoy. And yes some are trolls. But if you are so sensitive that something someone says to you on a pop site causes trembling convulsions then you have no business being on the internet (or anywhere other than cowering under your bed for that matter). Also, do you have any idea how boring this site would be without the so-called haters… even the ridiculously inane and idiotic ones are just hilarious at times? You want a holding-hands-singing-camp-fire-songs environment then go to a fan site and stop complaining… or just don’t click on the comments box.

Why would anyone like Britney? Christina? Madonna? Mariah Carey? Jennifer Lopez?

Who the f*ck cares?

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