Why Would Anyone Be Jealous Of Britney Spears?

Recently I have noticed that some of the members of popdirt especially the fans refer to some members of this site as jealous whenever their beloved idol gets criticized and that is why I decided to write this story. Firstly, the record sales that Britney has are nothing compared to what Mariah Carey has sold, and therefore I think we’re also jealous when we criticize Mariah Carey. Secondly, the media attention Britney gets is nothing compared to what used to get, and what is getting, I guess we’re still jealous when we criticize Madonna and Jennifer Lopez. Thirdly, the appearance Britney has is zero compared to what Michael Jackson’s appearance, yet we’re still jealous when we criticize her appearance. Bear in mind that this has nothing to do with me being a fan of Christina Aguilera but just my opinion, therefore feel free to bash me and my idol and see if we actually care!

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