Why You Should All Leave Hilary Duff Alone

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No matter what is going on, people always seem to find time to bash on Hilary Duff. Even people who say she isn’t worth wasting a breath on waste all of theirs complaining about her. Here are a few things those people should do to give themselves more thinking room:

Stop saying she is only famous because stupid little girls like her. I just happen to be sixteen and a half and have an IQ in the 130s.

Stop comparing her to Lindsay Lohan. Their feud is so over and it is completely pointless. People always say that Lindsay is prettier and that is why I should like her instead. Even as a Hil fan, I will admit that Lindsay is prettier. But come on people.

Stop saying that she is talentless. There are so many more people out there that have no talent. I mean, there are so many people who didn’t even know that Hil played Isabella in the Lizzie movie. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she can act.

Now, about the ‘she can’t sing’ accusation. Not everyone likes the same music. I know that there are things that I completely hate and others like. It doesn’t mean that those people can’t sing. I just don’t like it. Just because you don’t like it, that doesn’t make it bad.

Sure, she doesn’t write her own music. How many of you out there have a great voice, and can write good music? How many of you couldn’t write a decent limerick to save you life? Some people can’t do everything, even if you can.

So, Avril said Hil is a goody-goody. Who cares what Avril says? Need I remind you that Avril also says she is a punk… yet, she seems to sing a lot of pop and not so much punk. Besides, a goody-goody is a better role model than a lot of other teens who drink, do drugs and go to jail.

And finally, stop going everywhere and saying how stupid she is and how much you hate her. If you hate her so much, don’t even bother thinking about her or what other mean things there are to say.

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5 thoughts on “Why You Should All Leave Hilary Duff Alone

  1. Tiffany Gray says:

    Thank you for posting this! I am so sick of people wasting their time, bashing Hilary and trying to force others to hate her too. I honestly think that Hilary is incredibly talented and beautiful. She is a great actress. She’s funny, and she’s a good person. Not to mention, she has a beautiful, soft, pure voice, especially when she sings a slow song. She really shines then. She’s a great person all-around, and I wish people would stop treating her like a punching bag. She’s a human being, and she totally deserves to be treated like one. Again, THANK you for posting this! I really appreciate this.

  2. Nikki says:

    Thank-you so much for posting this. I agree with everything but the part that Lindsay’s prettier lol. Hilary’s definitely prettier :) Hil does right her own songs. All of her “Dignity” album is 100% her. once again thanks so much for posting =] xox Nikki

  3. Robin says:

    She is maybe a good actress, but she has a bad voice and can’t sing. And Avril never calls herself punk.

  4. Yani says:

    She can act quite well, she is pretty and I like her better than Lindsay. I don’t have anything against her, but I still don’t think she can sing.

  5. sara says:

    I don’t think she is like Lindsay Lohan if she was when would do the same thing that lilo doing and I think Hilary is a good role model

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